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10 reasons why your home might be burgled

For all home owners when take security seriously be it our own property, our neighbourhood or that of our friends / family members and especially elder ones.

Despite many deterrents, homes are still burgled across the country though the figures today are a lot less that just a few years ago:

In the survey year ending March 2017, around 2 in 100 households had been victims of domestic burglary; this compares with around 9 in 100 households in the year ending December 1995, meaning that households are currently four times less likely to be a victim of burglary than in 1995.Office for National Statistics

What we must still of course ensure is that we keep on top of this crime statistic and make sure our homes are secure and safe, especially when we are away for long periods.

Here are some top tips to ensure that we reduce the risk of our homes being burgled:

  • Make sure you do not use social media to state that you are away from home, ie holiday. Sometimes crime committed against us is done by someone we know, not nice to think about, though fact. If you state to the world you are away from your property then this is an invitation to burgle.
  • Think about improving the lighting for your property and especially outside / sensor lighting. It is known that homes with poor lighting are targeted by burglars.
  • Show them you are prepared – The use of burglar alarms and a lite burglar alarm box on the outside of your property will cause someone to think twice.
  • If you have a rather secluded front / back garden then your home is attractive to someone looking to try to break in as they are shaded from the public eye. It is a drastic measure to cut back anyone’s mature gardens, but at least compensate for this fact by increasing security such as alarms and outside sensor alarms.
  • Try and break any routines in your daily activity that includes leaving and entering your home. If you have a daily routine, for example walking your dog, at a set time each morning / evening, then you are telling someone who could be monitoring your activity that you are highly likely not to be at home during those times.
  • Think about WiFi security systems. The likes of CCTV / video door bells etc enable you to oversee your property when you are not there and most of these security systems will beam live footage back to your mobile phone and alert you upon sensors / someone ringing the bell so you can deal with unknown people who are entering your property.
  • Get involved and support local community crime prevention groups such as neighbourhood watch – Find out if one exists and support it if so, or think about creating one if there isn’t one yet formed.

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