14 Best places to buy a property in London

While no one can predict what the market prices in the future are going to be like, especially with the uncertainty of Brexit, there are quite a few hotspots in London where properties are being bought rather frequently. Whether you’re looking to buy a property in Manchester or you’re looking for properties for sale in Battersea, be a little open-minded and considered buying a relatively cheap property in one of these places in London.

1. Barking

While Barking might be all the way over in zone 4, it is predicted that over 30,000 people are going to shift here! That is because over 11,000 homes are going to be built in Barking in the near future. There will be high rise buildings, huge parks and a pretty fancy shopping centre – definitely worth the investment!

2. Greenwich

The average property in Greenwich is selling for around £372,803, which is almost a £100,000 cheaper than buying a home in central London, which is now amounting to an average price of £478,853. Think of this as an investment that will save you a lot of money.

3. Leeds

The market value of the properties in Leeds has not risen much since the real estate crash in 2008. That means, in 2019 you can buy a property in Leeds which won’t come with the price of inflation! The population of Leeds has also grown rather quickly, so buying property here will actually be a smart decision.

4. Poplar

The government plans to build over 3000 new homes in Poplar for first-time buyers, regular buyers as well as buyers who are buying to rent. Whatever your reason for buying property might be, making the decision to buy a property in Poplar could be a fruitful one.

5. Sheffield

Prices here are low, very low. You can actually buy an apartment in the heart of the city without burning a hole in your pocket. Isn’t that an investment worth making? These apartments can also be rented out to the ongoing student crowd that comes to study in Sheffield every year. Don’t look at the value of resale right now, hold on to this property for a few years to see real growth.

6. Hounslow

If you’re looking to buy a huge house for you and your family, then Hounslow is one of the best places to look. The average price of a house here is £377972, but keep in mind that the houses here are much bigger than what you could buy in central London or any major city in London within that budget!

7. Nottingham

Nottingham is a hotspot among property investors, which gives you a fair idea that the property here is worth buying. With various large-scale industries and two universities, there is always someone in Nottingham who is looking to rent an apartment. Think of buying property here to give out as a rental, if nothing else. This city is also very likely to see a hike in the prices pretty soon.

8. Dagenham

Here, you can buy a house for an amount as low as £300,517! This is probably one of the cheapest cities to buy a house in London. With easily accessible public transport that is connected to the heart of Central London, this city is a great place to buy a house to live in.

9. Bexley

Another cheap place in London to buy property, Bexley is ranking high on the real estate investors list. With house prices much lower than any other city in London, a lot of people are flocking to Bexley to buy their own homes. Bexley is also an excellent place to live because of the low crime rates.

10. Blackhorse

Rumour has it that the government places to build at least 2500 houses in Blackhorse. These houses are being made to target the younger generations as the prices will be relatively low. Because of these low prices and the expected influx of people in the years to come, a property in Blackhorse is also a really good investment.

11. Havering

While half the land in Havering comes under greenbelt land, the other half is selling pretty quickly on the real estate market. Havering is well connected to central London, which makes it an ideal location for professionals and students to set up base. Most people are buying a house here to live in because of the relatively cheaper prices and easy connectivity.

12. Birmingham

Birmingham already has a pretty large population, 1.1 million, which is growing at a steady pace. This city is also home to various businesses and offices making it a great place to invest in since the market value will only go up in the years to come. The house prices in Birmingham have actually risen the fastest in all of UK over the span of a year – it’s an investment opportunity you don’t want to miss.

13. Manchester

Another city that is a hub for students, property bought here can always be given out on rent. With various transport links to the city centre, this vibrant city is a great place to invest. The prices of rental income here are always on the rise because of high tenant demand and low housing supply. A win-win investment!

14. Sutton

Sutton has the best schools in all of London, which is why many families are shifting out here. Even though the prices of houses here are not too expensive, a lot of up-scale families are shifting here for their kid’s schooling years. It’s a great investment for people who are looking to move with their families.

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