15 Tricks To Get Noticed As A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are still key in the property and relocation processes, but buyers (especially expats) are more likely to do their own research online before involving the professionals. A study showed that 92% of buyers, sellers and renters use the internet to begin their house hunting process, which means real estate agents need to have a good online presence. If you’re not present, active, engaging, and networking online, then you will be missing out on a lot of business. Clients seek trust and they need to see your presence online.

Here are a few marketing ideas for those looking to improve their online presence:

1. Use Social Media
Stay active on all the big social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. promote your properties, share articles and interact with your users.
2. Make Sharing Available
House hunters are eager to share their top housing choices with their friends and family, so make it easy for them to email and share their choices by adding social sharing buttons.
3. Keep up with Competition
Check out what the other real estate agents in your area doing. What do their websites look like? How does their social media look like? How do they promote themselves?
4. Be Easy to Contact
Have easily accessible buttons that can allow one-click contact. Add your contact information on every page of your website.
5. Become Mobile-Friendly
A recent study has shown that 80% of Internet users use their mobile devices for online activity. It’s essential that your website is mobile friendly. Even better, consider creating a mobile app that potential buyers can use to review listings.
6. Think About Becoming a Niche Service Provider
If there is serious competition, think about how you can stand out. Become the go-to real estate agent for expats, dog owners, families with kids, divorced individuals, etc. Become a full-service agent in property management, local expat services and so on. Making a name for yourself in a specific niche can make you memorable, especially in saturated areas.
7. Introduce Yourself
Clients seek trust. And they are most likely to contact you if they get to know you a bit better prior to your first meeting. A short biography, a photo, your commission structure, your mobile phone number or WhatsApp are great indicators of transparency that allow your customer to know you better.
8. Use Social Ads
Paid Facebook ads are often the most effective way to get in front of clients. Facebook has tons of great targeting features that ensure you’re only paying to get noticed by your key target audiences.
9. Reviews From Your Clients
Customer reviews and testimonials are the best marketing and great trust signals. Showing that real, live people endorse your services means the world to potential clients. When a homebuyer/seller/tenant has had a great experience with you, reach out to them and ask for their review. Add them on your website and share them on social networks.
10. Think About a Referral System
Provide incentives for past clients to refer you to future customers.
11. Make Your Site Easy to Navigate
Even if you have the best properties, this will not make a difference if your site is a nightmare to navigate. Your visitors need to have a good experience on your website.
12. Make Use of Local Images
Remember, for any buyer you’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a whole town or area. Showcase the best that the surrounding area has to offer, with high-quality, beautiful photos of landmarks and familiar sites.
13. Think about Virtual Tours
Your customer’s time is precious, and they want to see as much as possible before visiting in person. Virtual tours are the best way to give a comprehensive, accurate preview of the property for potential buyers.
14. Go The Extra Mile
Stay in touch with past buyers in order to build in that good relationship. Make yourself available for follow-up questions and recommendations. When your customers have a friend or family member who is ready to buy, sell or lease out, they’ll pass along your info if you go the extra mile.
15. Get Listed on Marketing Sites
Finally, consider getting listed on a website that promotes agents like yourself. If you lack the skills or time to invest in actively promoting yourself online, these sites are specialised in exactly this. They invest in keywords, Google Ads, marketing campaigns, they have expertise in promoting your profile to target groups, and give you the exposure you need. A good example is HOUSINGAGENT.com.

HOUSING AGENT is a robust, worldwide online platform showcasing select real estate professionals dedicated to serving the unique needs of the expat community.

We promote business profiles of qualified agents in real estate buying or selling, rentals, property management, mortgage and financial advisers, international movers, furniture rentals, etc. and make them available worldwide for expats. We provide a platform where you can easily show your property listings, your biography, details about your experience and expertise, language(s) spoken, commission structure and fees, and one-click contact buttons so that your clients can reach out to you effortlessly. We will also give you the opportunity to add customer reviews to your profile. We will promote your profiles on social media sites and improve your visibility online. We will make sure you have the right exposure on a global scale and take some of that marketing strategy effort off your shoulders.


Join other exceptional professionals on this exclusive HOUSING AGENT network and receive highly-qualified customer leads. Our current offer is 600 EUR* for a profile per agent per year, and you can sign up through: https://www.housingagent.com/register
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