2016 – Motivated Vendors… Yes Please!

Here’s the Estate Agents perfect scenario – every vendor is motivated to sell and will sell. Nothing wrong with that – but is it reality or is it a happy valley dream? What proportion of your stock is taken up by unmotivated vendors? Understanding your clients motivation to sell is just one part of the hugely important qualification process. Failing to do so or to do this properly increases the risk of disappointment and leads to an unexpected cancellation – every agents nightmare!!.

Having more available properties on the market would be very welcome in most areas and persuading a ‘passive prospect’ to take the plunge to list with your agency is no bad thing… as long as they become truly motivated. There is no sense in carrying stock which will not sell due to the client wanting too much money or being indecisive. There is no point in adopting ‘creative’ listing techniques to win the instruction, if the client isn’t motivated to sell and cant be encouraged to do so. It becomes a drain on resource and doesn’t generate cash.

Non discretionary sales do exist and sadly it is death, divorce and debt that is often behind the need to sell. But other truly motivated vendors are out there and it’s part of the Estate Agents job to find and attract them, and then become the Agent of choice for that client. As the market changes Estate Agents need to react and adapt because challenging conditions create opportunity and that’s where we Make A Difference to our clients business.

Non discretionary sales create more certainty and control and together with an end goal the agent knows their efforts will be rewarded…and who doesn’t want that!!



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