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3 Xero Apps for Successful Estate Agents

There is a lot to love about Xero as an online accounting package. For example, did you know that Xero integrates with hundreds of third-party apps covering nearly every sector of small business? Third-party app integration is just one of the many things that make Xero so outstanding as an accounting package for businesses owners.

If you are an estate agent, Xero may be the accounting solution you are looking for. It offers many great features that make running your business faster, more efficient, and even more enjoyable. Xero offers integration with three third-party apps that you may find tremendously useful.

    1. 1. Re-Leased

You are going to love the Re-Leased platform if you are a commercial property professional. The Re-Leased platform is a cloud platform that automates a number of key processes in a single location. It also brings all of the essential data you need to track your properties into an environment that has been optimised for workflow and efficiency.

Re-Leased integrates with Xero for easy tracking of financial accounts, tenants, etc. Integration eliminates a lot of the manual data entry involved in commercial property management by also eliminating double handling. Re-Leased’s reporting features make life a lot easier at tax time too. And like Xero, it is available in the cloud from just about anywhere.

    1. 2. ArthurOnline

This is another great cloud-based application for property managers, landlords, estate agents, contractors, and even individual property owners. It is a system that connects property owners to everyone they do business with, including their estate agents.

The strength of ArthurOnline is the fact that it brings everyone together in one place. As the estate agent, you can use the platform to connect with property owners, property managers, and even tenants. If your agency handles letting and tenancy issues, this software can act as one of your primary touchpoints.

It fully integrates with Xero to create a seamless experience covering everything from invoicing to property management. Integration with Xero eliminates double entry of both charges and receipts, and information entered into ArthurOnline is automatically fed to Xero as needed.

    1. 3. Entryless

Last but not least is a general business package known as Entryless. It is a package designed to eliminate much of the work involved in the manual processes of running a business. Its complete integration with Xero makes it easier for you to manage expense accounts, tax rates, billing, and so forth. It even works across multiple countries.

Entryless automatically populates data covering bills, expenses, etc. without requiring double entry in Xero. You can upload documents from a variety of cloud-based storage providers including DropBox and Google Drive. And because Xero data is automatically populated, common accounting errors are minimised.

The package allows for an unlimited number of users whose access can be controlled by need. Assign various roles to various users and you’re all set. Best of all, you only pay for what you are using.

    1. Xero Makes Life Easier

With more than 700 third-party apps to choose from, Xero’s integration capabilities make online accounting more powerful than it has ever been. Better yet, new apps are being added to the Xero store on a regular basis. There are lots of apps not listed here that you might find extremely helpful for your business.

In short, Xero makes life easier by streamlining accounting in the cloud. If you are an estate agent running your own business, we strongly encourage you to consider Xero and its integrated apps. Moving your accounting to the cloud will make your business more efficient, more productive, and more secure.

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