5 Most Popular Places to Rent in London

London is a dynamic city with many different neighbourhoods that offer a diverse range of culture, history and lifestyles. One thing that Londoners cannot seem to get enough of is the experience of living in it. With so many options on how one can live in the city, it can be hard to settle on one neighbourhood. However, not all boroughs are alike. There are certain places where people will find more opportunities or a better quality of life than others.

The best way to live in London is to rent an apartment. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. The best and feasible way to live in London is to rent an apartment. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether someone is looking for a place to rent near a major transportation hub or one close to amenities, London has it all. To sort out the property options and get hold onto the best one, taking the help of professionals like the letting agents in Marylebone, Battersea or Clapham.


We can observe wealthy professionals flocking into Bayswater from time to time. It is a quiet place amidst the bustling city where terraced homes and Victorian flats can be rented with the assistance of Bayswater letting agents. A unique community vibe sets Bayswater apart from other boroughs. Residents can witness tourist-filled streets daily that adds more charm to this place. The famous recreation spots for the residents- Kensington Park and Hyde Park are a walk away from Bayswater. Roadways are a popular mode of transport for reaching nearby places like Notting Hill, Westminster and Canary Wharf. Some of the city’s best schools and colleges are located here, making it easier for families to live here in the long term.


People moving into Camden can enjoy a promising nightlife at the clubs and pubs, with energetic music echoing the rooms. Residents of Camden can find numerous flats with modern architecture across the streets with period homes like Victorian and Georgian townhouses. People on the lookout for affordable homes can head over to Camden. Daily commuters take the Camden Town Tube to reach different boroughs of London within minutes. At the same time, some people hop on to the local buses to travel to nearby destinations. Food lovers can treat their taste buds to the wide range of world cuisines available at the restaurants and cafes of Camden streets.


With a mix of different people and cultures, Fulham is a unique place to live in London. It has garnered popularity over the years for several reasons. The contemporary homes- Edwardian and Georgian homes are admired by the residents here. People can enjoy the scenic beauty of green parks as well as spend their leisure time in them. Some of London’s award-winning gastro pubs and restaurants are visited by people from different parts of the UK. Fulham ranks as one of the safest regions with lowest crime rates in London attracting more families to this area.


Hampstead is undoubtedly an ideal place of residence for growing families moving into London. West Hampstead is conveniently located with Regent’s Park and Hampstead Heath in the vicinity. Central London can be reached within ten minutes from through nearby tube stations. The properties available for rent are attractive and affordable compared to other regions of Central London. This region is known for the best restaurants and cafes where residents love spending their leisure time. Hampstead is home to beautiful Georgian and Edwardian townhouses with communal gardens nearby. People can enjoy the perks of living in a central location yet enjoy the peaceful neighbourhoods of Hampstead.


Battersea never fails to bag the top position in the list of best areas to live in London every year. The leafy neighbourhoods bring about a distinct charm to Battersea, luring in more residents regularly. This borough is well connected to other parts of London via road and tube stations. The locals prefer commuting through buses that are available round the clock. The nearest transport facility is the Clapham junction, and places like Putney, Victoria, Wimbledon and beyond can be reached effortlessly. Battersea is blessed with almost all amenities like cafes, restaurants, gyms, gastro bars, high ropes and more, where residents can experience a blend of peaceful time and adventurous getaways. Not to miss the famous Battersea Park, which has got all the fun elements enough to grab away the time of an individual.

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