OFTEN OVERLOOKED, promotional merchandise can add real value and ROI to marketing campaigns.

The “British Promotional Merchandise Association” (BPMA) conducted a survey with the following question –

“Which one of the following media has the best ability to make you remember the product, brand or service because you see it more often?”. 

39% of respondents said TV;  and a (maybe surprising!?) 35% said Promotional Products.  Consider that the next most popular answer at just 10% of respondents was online ads and you start to see the significance that promotional products could make to your brand advertising and awareness.

To complete the picture, 10% of respondents said Print Media, and 5% said Direct Mail.

So, if you are new to supplementing your marketing campaigns with promotional items, what should you look out for, what works well, and why should you bother?

Here are 5 Reasons For Using Promotional Products…

1: More Effective : Promotional merchandise has been shown to be more effective than any other form of Advertising or Marketing. (Another BPMA survey reveals that 50.7% of respondents confirmed that a promotional product was most likely to get them to take action – more so that any other advertising media. The next best was TV at 19.4%).

2: Low cost and scalable: Campaigns can be established at a relatively low cost and they can be grown as your needs grow.

3: Versatile : Can be tailored to suite any demographic including age, gender or Industry.

4: Help Build Positive Relationships : By Providing a practical use & value they ensure a positive lasting impression of your company in the eyes of your clients/employees or prospects.

5: Greater Longevity : Over 35% of Promotional Gifts are kept for 2+ years
 by their recipients, this ensures a longer lasting payback (ROI) compared to other forms of traditional advertising.

To Sum Up: They provide an effective, versatile long lasting marketing strategy,
 that will raise awareness, build relationships and reward loyal customers and staff.

It is important that whatever kind of item you choose, you should choose one that is above all useful, thoughtful and will be appreciated.

If you choose a poor quality item that is unlikely to be used then you will have wasted the opportunity. Keep your gift functional to increase its potential to be seen. If you can do this then you are not only pleasing your customers by creating a positive image of your company, but you are increasing your potential to attract business.


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