5 tips to battle that clutter

5 tips to battle that clutter

We all know that sometimes we can be hoarders. The excuses are always the same:

– I may fit in it one day
– It’s organised chaos I swear
– I’ll do it when I have more time

I know myself that I usually keep things that I don’t use, which I either think are sentimentally valuable or too useful to throw out. “Some ribbon? I might as well keep that!” – Thoughts like this are what make our homes cluttered.

We use a zillion excuses to try and justify the things that clutter our wardrobes, kitchen tables and the other unsuspecting surfaces around the house. But don’t stress, for those of you who struggle to sort out their clutter, we have complied five tips to battle the mess. Read on to find out more…

Bite sized chunks

Starting small can really help to get the ball rolling. Whether it’s a drawer or just one pile of papers, getting one area clutter free can be a real encouragement and will make you even more motivated to do the rest.

Be realistic

Sometimes in life we all have to be real with ourselves and ask what is really important to us? If you haven’t used or worn something for several years then what’s the point of keeping it? If you don’t like the thought of binning it, you could give it to a charity where it could be used again for a great cause. You might be surprised what someone will pay for you old jeans on Ebay too…

Find it a home

Now I’m not saying throw everything out, those important papers are still needed. Aim to find your belongings a permanent home where they can hide away and be out of sight. Filing and sorting these items will reduce the urge to dump stuff on top of it and it’s very handy as you will know where everything is without endless searching.

Imagine life without it

Whilst you’re de-cluttering, picture how you would be able to use the space that is now free. For example, how will you use your desk now that all your papers have gone? How will it feel not having to stumble over the maze of clothing before getting in to bed? It could change your life all together!

Document your progress

If clutter is a major issue for you and the thought of losing it causes anxiety and the feeling of losing a part of you, then it may help to document it. Before and after pictures are great reminders of how well you’ve done and will show you why to never go back to that stage.

With these easy tips, you will soon be well on your way to clearing your house for the better.

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