5 Unconventional ways to find new real estate clients

It might be tricky to find new real estate clients or leads, especially, if you’ve just started that business or trying to increase the number of people you served. In case you stick to the standard tips everyone knows and uses, you might get yourself into an infinite loop of trying with barely any results. In case you’re new to the game or trying to increase your return on investment over time, we prepared 5 vital tips to help reach the top level.

1-Become more active online

Having an online presence nowadays basically means you would need a website or social media page, no matter either you belong to a conventional or unconventional business or not. In case you relate to the realtor business, you would probably be a part of a certain Facebook group that connects buyers and sellers. Mentioning a link to your website or social media page on your business card helps people find you online and check for an in-depth description of the services you provide and moreover, to see the fair reviews from the happy clients.

One of the most important aspects of having an online presence nowadays is to have it optimised from the search engines standpoint. There are hundreds if not thousands local business locally, competing with you for the same top-3 positions in your are. This becomes vitally important with the latest trends aimed at increasing the presence of paid ads.

You can also promote your work by creating unique and engaging content, covering your aspect of work in an interactive way. Pretty much every Content Management System allows you to link any new blog posts to your social media page. Moreover, in case you have a valid and trustworthy internet resource, it will help people to find the connection between you and your business online.

Before even trying to get in touch with clients using means of your website: chats, phone calls or emails, try searching an online database that contains all possible information about your future clients and current neighbours. For example, people-search site Nuwber allows you to find practically anyone just by having an email address, phone number or a street name. Just imagine how you can turn that database into one of your growth points, asking neighbours to check the house you’re interested in for a small fee.

2-Go to open houses

Finding new clients through frequently-running open house sessions is another way to go for. People are likely to show off their cool old house to their neighbours, trying to compare their property with what is offered on the market at the moment. Engage the people visiting such meetups and you may get a promising list of contacts that might be interested to the new neighbourhood.

3-Become a webinar specialist

Since we already discussed the option of strengthening your online presence, it would be safe to say you might try to launch a webinar specialist or even Youtube blogger, running creating channel over there. God knows how many leads you might get this way. There are many tools and guides available online on how to launch your own show or webinar. All you need to do is to create original video content, engage your viewers with interesting and rare house designs or maybe an intriguing story of a 200-years old mansion.

4-Market to your existing database

Once you start getting your first few leads, try to be available 24/7, answering all the questions raised and helping them on the way to get their dream house or apartment. The goal is to create a great first impression and turn them into your repeating customers. If you become the only person they could think about when having real estate questions, then you won that battle. Don’t forget to use modern technologies to help you out on the way. For example, services like MailChimp allow you to launch great outreach campaigns in minutes, just by using handy email templates. In case you don’t want your messages to get lost in the spam folder of their email box, be extremely careful with the number and frequency of the messages you send over. The prospects are pretty endless, you may send over anything from the new houses for sale to the lists of best kitchen accessories they can purchase in Ikea nearby.

Once you start getting some traction and have a few entries in your client list, make sure you stay connected with them. The goal here is to make them returning customers or leads. You should be the first person that comes to their mind when they won’t recommend a real estate agent to someone. Email marketing software will make things easier for you when it comes to retargeting. This software allows you to schedule posts a long time in advance and send it to all the people on your list. However, you have to be careful with the frequency of your messages. With email marketing, less is more because you don’t want to go into the spam folder of your clients. The type of information you provide can be anything from real state concepts to announcements about new developments in the location or to the personal birthday wishes or their son’s finals.

5-Create a brand for yourself

When it comes to creating their own brand, most of the real estate agents tend to focus on being known locally only. When providing an impeccable of service makes you know best in the area you work in, you may better be focusing on being known in the state or even nationwide. One of the ways to reach that goal is to create as many locally-targeted websites as possible so you can provide your services to the people in the various areas all over the country

Always be focused on your customer, not on a momentary gain. Treat local customers with respect and professionalism. Research and develop strategy was never that important! Also, you need to develop your psychological skills to the maximum level possible, as you would need to understand your customers and differentiate them from one another. For example, in case your new customer never dealt with a real estate agent before, you would need to navigate them through the whole process, explaining and showing what to expect and what to do. Since most of the customers are internet savvy, they will research the best options online, before asking for your quote, so you would need to prove them they haven’t made a mistake by choosing your service.

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