Revealed: 70% of Homemovers are put off from Moving again due to Increased Levels of Stress and Anxiety

New survey reveals the causes of stress and anxiety for British homemovers both selling and buying property, leading to a new, industry-first, free help portal for those in the process.


Online Mortgage Advisor ( has conducted a survey of 1,307 British homemovers where sale completion had been achieved, which found that the process of moving home was the most stressful experience of the previous five years for 64% of people.


Respondents were asked to indicate, in their own words, the triggers of stress they experienced when moving home. Their answers were analysed and organised into ten different categories. The following were the top five most commonly cited categories:


  1. Finding and securing a property – 46%

  2. Selling their own property – 36%

  3. Waiting for the chain to complete – 34%

  4. Completing and removals – 21%

  5. Solicitors/conveyancing – 14%


Issues related to these categories led to almost 70% (69%) of homemovers putting off a future move, due to the increased levels of stress and anxiety expected.


Just 8% of homemovers found the experience of moving home not to have any significant impact on their stress and anxiety levels.


Online Mortgage Advisor has partnered with clarity coach Jamie Smart to launch a wellbeing portal, which it hopes will help its customers during the particularly stressful time of moving home.


Pete Mugleston, Managing Director at, explained: “This has made us stop and think. We’re regularly thinking about how we can make the process of obtaining a mortgage smoother for our customers. But that’s only one small part of the whole experience for homemovers and first time buyers.


“We should be giving more consideration to how we can add value outside of helping customers find the right financial advice. My personal struggles with anxiety in the past, and the things that helped resolve them, made teaming up with Jamie Smart a natural starting point. We will endeavour to build on this inside and outside our wellbeing portal as time goes on.”


The free wellbeing portal for homemovers to help with stress and anxiety, with the help of Jamie Smart, is available online here:

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