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7 Tips to Making Your Home worth More When Selling

What does real estate and Bohemian wine glasses have in common? Their ability to cough up a profit when sold. It is a known fact that only an attractive home would fetch more when sold than an unattractive. But it goes beyond just a few new paint and planting flowers on the outside. In order to make your home worth more by the time you are selling, you have to start making provisions the very moment you move in to the house.

Simply put, you cannot control every factor that would lead to an upturn in worth or otherwise (factors such as location, natural disaster, market popularity are beyond you). But you still have a say in making your home worth when selling and here are seven tips to help increase your home value.

1. An attractive home is more appealing

Just like I stated earlier, an attractive home is more marketable. A good first impression is important when showing the house to prospective buyers. What the buyer sees on the exterior is what will drive them through your front door. Believe me if the home is not attractive on the outside, I have no business checking what is inside.

2. Make all the needed repairs

Always take a periodic check of your home and see what needs repair. Again, the exterior is very important. Basic things like cracked wall and faded or flaked paint will bring down the value of your home, or can even make it a hard sell. Also any repair needed in the interior – plumbing, electricity, floor should be adequately taken care of before showing prospective buyers.

3. Make Upgrades

One of the easiest way of making your home worth more when selling than when you bought is by making visible upgrades. Upgrade your doors, windows, tile type or even more ambitious, pools. Ensure that your home has all the latest styles and can compete with other properties in the locale.

4. Adequate Internal Lighting Fixtures and Fittings

Ensure that your home enough lighting as no buyer is interested in a dark place. With the right amount of lighting, other décor in the house look even more attractive. By doing this, you are increasing the worth of your home.

5. Make your home bigger

By increasing the square footage of your home, you are gradually increasing its worth in the market. Bigger home are more associated with higher prices and this you can achieve by adding an extra room or two, or by adding a deck. You can even go further by finishing the basement.

6. Smart homes are the new cool

Make your home as smart as possible. Add smart devices such as thermostats, fire alarms and detectors, security cams and smart door locks to your home and immediately increase the worth of your home. It makes your more appealing and would even attract certain type of buyers who appreciate these devices.

7. Paint the interior walls

Give your home the right interior color and your buyers will appreciate the décor and arrangement of your home more. Do not make overtly outlandish and extravagant, something simple but classy is more advisable.

While keeping Bohemian wine glasses in your home would help make it appealing to buyers, it might not always increase the worth. Nevertheless, Bohemian wine glasses are good feature of any home.

Esther Ruiz is the creator and founder of crystaldecor.com. An expert in wine and glasses. She is a lover of all things good. A writer by day, a writer by night – she loves writing about herself in the third person, makes her feel good about herself. Why listen to me? Cos I got a great taste in music and wine.


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