A checklist for moving from an old condo/apartment to a new one

Even if you’re living in a well-designed and built condo/apartment, the time comes when living in it makes you frustrated. Moving to a new place is a new lease of life for every family, and therefore, needs to be managed well.

Of course, the process of moving from your current condo/apartment to the new one can be really difficult. So you need to prepare for the problems to simplify the process at minimum cost.
The best approach for this is to create a checklist to anticipate all requirements and organize them in terms of importance, cost, and also time.

Here is a checklist that can work for you:

Talk to the owner at least two months earlier

Despite apartments that are managed by a professional company, condos are owned by an individual. So you need to deal with a specific person, which makes your moving procedure a bit longer.

In fact, condos typically have strict relocating policies that limit the time you can move in or out of the units. Condoly, one of the best companies in Canada condo assignments resale, recommends families to deal with the condo owner as soon as possible. You need to speak with the owner and collaborate with them to simplify the procedure.

Create a spreadsheet to record everything

You’ll face minimum trouble using a well-organized moving procedure. A fully detailed spreadsheet by which you can record and manage the moving procedure is key to organizing your tasks.

Try to record every important thing and sort all of them so that you can find them easily.

For example, phone numbers, addresses, prices, times, deadlines, quotes, and receipts should be included in the sheet. Remember to update the sheet every day to avoid forgetting anything.

You can mark the task separately to know which one is DIY and which one is needed to pay. Of course, you have to mention the companies you want to assign the job for each task.

Set a realistic budget

When you have listed the important things you need, you can set your budget accordingly. Try to take as many details as possible into account to make your budget more realistic.

Sort your list of items from the most expensive to the cheapest one to know what you should focus on.

You can even sort the list in terms of deadlines to know when you have to do every task.

Book a professional team

You need to have a professional moving team helping you to reduce the stress of the relocation. They usually provide you with safe and fast moving services so that your furniture won’t be damaged. You can easily search on the internet or social media to find the best local company for this purpose and order online to save time and money.

Donate or sell things you don’t want anymore

Usually, when you want to move to a new place, you want to change some furniture. Try to prepare a list of these items and donate them or even sell them online.

Pack unnecessary things sooner

There are lots of things that you don’t use frequently. You can gradually pack them and put them in a corner. This helps you reduce the stress of the final stages and makes your home clean.

Choose new schools for your kids

One of the biggest problems with moving is when you have children who go to school. If you’re moving to a distant area or even another city, you have to think of changing their schools.

Families with children usually move when schools are closed. You need to do so and register them at new schools as soon as possible.

Plan the relocation on Friday

The relocation might be so frustrating that you need to take a day off from your workplace. Sometimes you might even need to rest 1-2 after the relocation.

So try to plan to relocate and move on Fridays so that you have the weekend after the relocation to rest and organize the furniture.

Transfer billing accounts

Depending on living in a condo or an apartment, you might need to pay utilities. So you have to know when exactly you want to leave to be able to transfer the billing account to the owner.

Cancel your memberships

You have to cancel your membership at your current gym or any other place because you’re not able to go there anymore. Try to register somewhere close to your new home.

Get free boxes from stores for packing

Now you’re close the moving day, and you have to speed up packing. Probably, you need more boxes for packing.

If you postpone collecting free boxes, you might find yourself having to pay for them in the final days. You also need to think of something soft to put between fragile things to protect them.

Label your boxes

Keep in mind that even if your relocation is well-organized, you might still forget where you have put specific things.

Try to label your boxes with different colors to be able to find them easier when you arrive at your new home.

Separate your precious assets

This is one of the most stressful things when it comes to relocation. You need to separate all the precious things like jewelry to protect them. You can move them a day before the final relocation to make sure they’re safe.

Do not forget moving insurance

Remember that insurance is a must when you want to relocate. Even with strict measures, you still can’t be sure that your furniture will be safe during the relocation. So try to purchase moving insurance to have peace of mind.

Prepare meals for the last days

Keep in mind that the last week is going to be really busy so you might find it difficult to cook. On the other hand, getting food from restaurants or fast foods might not be affordable for you.
So try to prepare enough meals for the last week and put them in the fridge.

Wrap up

Now you’re at the final stage and need to review the procedure to make sure everything is going to be done well. Try to avoid panicking if anything went wrong. You can search online for tips from other people who have experienced the relocation recently. This can help you reduce your stress and anticipate many uncertainties.

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