A Comprehensive Checklist to Fire Door Safety

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Would your fire door perform properly in the event of an emergency? Does it adhere to all current codes and regulations? When was the last time that it was inspected by a professional firm? These are all crucial questions, as the functionality of these doors can sometimes make the difference between life and death. The good news is that our experts have compiled a fire door safety checklist in order to provide you with an additional level of insight and clarity. Let us take a look at some critical metrics to address.

Location and Visibility

Where is the door located? Is it found within an area that can be easily accessed and is it free from obstructions? Visibility is also critical in this sense. Fire doors should be equipped with the proper signage so that individuals can be easily directed to its location in the event of an emergency.

The Condition of the Door and the Frame

It should already be obvious that the condition of the fire door will have a massive impact upon its performance. This is why property owners should visually inspect the door for any signs of damage. Examples include dents, cracks and holes.

The condition of the frame is equally important. It should be securely attached to the wall and the leaf gap (the space between the frame and the door) should not exceed three millimetres. Any doorstops that may be present are also required to be firmly attached to the frame.

Seals and Hinges

All intumescent seals should be firmly in place and attached to the groove found within the frame or door leaf. If brush or fin seals are present, these should be thoroughly inspected in order to determine if they have become damaged.

A minimum of three hinges should be present on the fire door. All screws must be tightened in place and their sizes need to be equal. Furthermore, the hinges should be free from any materials such as dirt, grease or metal fragments. It is also important to check to ensure that the hinges do not contain any combustible materials (such as plastic) that may have been used when they were initially shipped.

Glass and Glazing

Any glass windows or similar glazing that may be present must be free from chips and cracks. Intumescent seals must be present between the periphery of the glass and the bead of the door. There should be no materials that obstruct the views that this glass provides. In the event that the glass or glazing has been replaced, check to make certain that the new material is rated for fires.

These are some of the most important metrics to take into account when checking the safety of your door. Still, it can be tricky to know if you are currently up to code. This is why a growing number of customers are contacting Ecosafe fire door maintenance services. Please speak with a professional to learn more.

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