Affordable & Sustainable Homes for Scottish Salmon workers

Scottish Salmon Workers Highland homes

Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation has led a now to be fruitful campaign that will see new affordable homes provided for key salmon farming workers in the Scottish Highlands.

On top of this great idea homes will also be sustainable further benefitting and respecting the region which currently sees homes priced usually beyond the affordability of many.

The popularity of holiday rentals and second homes in the Highlands and islands is causing the cost of housing to soar in the area. A cap on prices is seen as a way of not only attracting new workers but also boosting the surrounding area. This is already happening in some farms.” Full article to be read with the Scottish Housing News website.

There is a dedicated website to Scottish Salmon along with detailed content on their visions for the future both for farming of Salmon and importantly the impact their industry has on the environment. With a project set for post covid-19 the industry looks to attract and also maintain a key worker population that will hold an increasing sustainability driven lifestyle.

For further details on this project named A Better Future for us All then read more of their plans here:


Title image credit: Pixabay

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