Alternative housing for students and interns in NYC

NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, but if you know what we know, you can live here qualitatively for much less money.

Housing in NYC

If you want to live or if you need to live in New York City, there are many possibilities, but honestly, most of these options will cost you a lot of money. 


So how do you get to live comfortably without paying a lot? 


As specialists in housing in New York, SharedEasy provides you this opportunity. So if you have to live in New York because you are a student or an intern, we have a solution for you that will not only save you a lot of money but also calm your nerves. 

Money and costs

For students and trainees, money is one of the first things on their minds. 


Of course, there are also many who have money and to whom it is not a priority, but we will focus on the majority – which are students and interns who care a lot about money. 


It is important to get housing at the lowest possible price, but at the same time get the highest possible quality. 


You will save the most money by sharing the rent with your roommates. Thanks to Coliving offered by SharedEasy, this is possible, and above all, you get to save much more money. Check out this article from SharedEasy on housing for interns.

People and society

Roommates – this is a topic in itself. If you choose housing independently, you do not know for certain what you are walking into. You do not know who you will live with, what your roommates feed on, how they behave if they are orderly and clean, and many other things until you move in with them. 


You only get to sign a lease, and then hope that everything will be fine. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As part of living through SharedEasy, you will get an accurate overview of who your roommates will be, what they eat, and whether they are right for you. 


You also get to know if your roommates pay the rent on time. You don’t want to pay more just because someone doesn’t pay his rent on time. 


Who knows? Maybe you will live with someone who already works in your field and you can share a lot of useful information with him and benefit from him in many ways. You can only have this privilege through SharedEasy, and that’s not all!

Safety and security

As a student or intern, you need to live in a house that is safe and secure. You don’t want to lose your belongings or have anyone steal your personal properties, such as a work laptop, tablet, etc. 


Security is important and we are aware of that. That is why the common areas, which are shared by all the inhabitants of the house, are secured by a camera system and other security features. 


Each room has its own safe, where you can safely lock your important stuff. So SharedEasy takes care of safety for you, and then you, as an intern or student, can fully concentrate on your work or studies.

Privacy and calmness

Everyone needs periods of silence for privacy. If you choose SharedEasy as your partner for living in New York, you can be sure that you will get privacy and peace. 


You get to choose from many private rooms that you do not share with anyone. You get to have your own space with a large bed, work desk, dressing room, and bathroom. 


Of course, if you want to save some money, you can share a room with another person. But in any case, you can trust that with us, you get to have privacy and peace whenever you want.


To sum it up, students and interns need, more than anything else, the greatest possible peace and quiet they can get so they can fully concentrate on their work or fully relax when they have a lot going on for them. Thanks to SharedEasy, you don’t have to worry about anything, because all houses are fully furnished, and are provided with cleaning services, and necessary equipment such as a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker, high-speed internet, etc.


By using SharedEasy services, you get much more than you bargained for. Not only will you save money, meet new lifetime friends, gain a sense of security, cleanliness, and peace, but above all, you will get the facilities you need so much. 


In addition, you do not have to sign stacks of contracts and papers because it is only a short-term contract starting from a month. So you can try living and if it does not suit you, you get to find somewhere else. This is one of the biggest assets that SharedEasy offers and it is non-binding and simple. 


Coliving is now really offered to your exact taste thanks to SharedEasy Club, and if you’re a student or intern, be sure not to miss the different offers of SharedEasy.

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