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For aspiring or experienced real estate investors, making money on real estate deals is priority and in determining the viability of a property, certain metrics come into play. In times past, these metrics were calculated manually, resulting in mistakes and waste of time. However, in recent times, certain tools have been created to make computation automatic and is one of these tools.

Zilculator is one of the most robust real estate analysis tools in the market today, functioning as not just an off-market property marketplace, but as an in-depth real estate investment analysis tool.

Overview Of Zilculator
Zilculator was originally created in 2010 as part of a Master Thesis project to provide free real estate analysis for investors and real estate agents. The side project has grown to become an outstanding player in Prop Tech field.

It’s a feature-rich cloud platform that offers a one-stop solution for real estate investors and agents looking to calculate cash flow, look up recent sales comps, create marketing reports and put together smart presentations to get funded from private or conventional lenders.

Property Analysis Calculation
The core feature of Zilculator is property analysis and the computation process involve receiving data on the property information, purchase information, rental information and resale information. Zilculator analyzes a variety of investment metrics based on your investment strategy:
• Rental property
• Fix and flip
• Wholesale

For rental properties, it calculates:
• Comparative market analysis
• Operating analysis
• Financial analysis
• Financial overview
• Long-term cash flow forecast
• Resale analysis

For fix and flips it includes:
• Down payment
• Total repair costs
• Monthly holding costs
• Total cash needed
• Resale price
• Gross rehab profit
• Cash flow forecast
• Total profit from the sale
• Annualized return on investment (annualized ROI)

And, for wholesale properties, it calculates for:
• Wholesale assignment fee
• After repair value
• Flipper’s profit
• Flipper’s cash on cash ROI
• Selling costs
• Annualized ROI
• Cashflow forecast
• Resale analysis

Pricing Of Zilculator
Zilculator has 1 free plan and 3 paid plans with prices going up to $29 per month for the Premium package with unlimited number of properties. The free option on the other hand allows you to analyze only two properties. There are a few other distinctions between the plans which can be seen on the pricing page.


Who Is Zilculator For?
Zilculator was created to see to the needs of every type of user. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly; with only a couple of entries, you can have complex metrics computed. That said, the following groups would appreciate Zilculator:

• Homeowners: You can convert your property to an investment and calculate how much it’s likely to yield with Zilculator. All you need do is have the necessary data relating to the property.
• Brokers, Realtors and Real Estate Agents: Zilculator enables realtors present multiple properties to potential buyers with only a couple clicks.
• Investors: Investors in need of instant reports and projections on properties their interested in can leverage Zilculator.

How Does Zilculator Work?
To analyze a property, you would follow these steps:

• Add in the address of the property you’d like to analyze, to load property data from public sources and MLS. Then select an investment strategy
• Provide purchase information, such as price, financing
• Provide rental/rehab information
• Resale information and future assumptions
• Generate a property report

Why Would You Need Zilculator?
• It provides a user-friendly interface for you to input data like addresses, financing, income, expenses, and property description. also allows users import photos with a click of a button from MLS, Zillow and Google Streetview
• Provides fix and flip analysis for rehabbers, ensuring they don’t overpay for properties. The numbers on the analysis include extensive rehab estimates and financing options in the evaluation section.
• Wholesale analysis which lets you create and market deal to a flipper or rental property buyer. Also, comparable sales analysis on 25 properties similar to the property of interest.
• When purchasing investment properties, comparing potential purchases with one another as well as different acquisition strategies is necessary. Zilculator comes with a comparison feature which allows you view returns and cashflow projections side-by-side for 2 or more properties
• Ease of branding property reports to lenders, clients, and colleagues with your logo and address.
• Zilculator offers a variety of plans to cater to the needs of professional and novice real estate investors. One unique thing about Zilculator’s offerings is they have a free plan which provides the bulk of what you will need
• Zilculator is 100% transparent with the metrics used in its calculations, providing a definition for its property analysis metric calculations.
• A personalized property listing page which you can share with potential buyers and to publish new deals on.

If you ask me, I will say Zilculator is a powerful piece of investment calculator and investment property marketing tool to hit the market and one every real estate agent, investor, realtor, and broker will welcome and see as a life-saver.

With real estate investing being so popular these days and becoming more and more competitive, it’s more important than ever to have the best tools of the trade to get an edge over your competition both in the analysis or marketing of your deals.

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