Are you a Top Tweeting Estate Agent? Check out the #twittersurvey.

A look at the quality of Twitter accounts across Property Agency companies in the UK shows that Social Media is a valuable resource within almost all sectors, as it allows companies to connect with clients, partners, influencers and consumers on a personal level, whilst also increasing brand awareness and highlighting values of the company.
Some key findings from this report:
– The account with the most number of mentions is @VitalSpace, which shows that some of their tweets are highly engaging.
– The account with the best average tweet quality is @Heywoods1881 Heywoods EstateAgent, with some really interesting content produced.
@JulieTwistMCR JulieTwistProperties has the best Twitter account of the companies in this report, when combining all metrics. This has been achieved by sharing useful and interesting content which their followers and other users on Twitter interact with.
This is how @VirtualToursUK ranks in the report, so you can see we know what we are doing when it comes to online marketing tools for #estateagents, so call us today on 0844 745 1906 if you would like some help. Read more in our blog here.
# No. 44 Most Prolific Tweeters
The more a company tweets, the more interaction with followers and other Twitter users they can achieve.
#No. 39 Top Accounts by Hashtag Usage (#)
Hashtags are one of Twitters defining features, as they can help to categorise tweets by keyword. Hashtags are crucial for real Twitter success.
# No. 37 Top Accounts By URL Usage
To become successful on Twitter, it is important that a company shares valuable content. This table ranks the accounts in this report by the number of links they have used in their posts.
# No. 50 Top Accounts by Retweet
Retweeting is a way of sharing and affirming content. Accounts with many retweets are usually producing great content.
# No. 51 Twitter Accounts by Average Quality of Tweets
The quality of a tweet can greatly affect its success, so it is vital that every tweet is well-written. The researchers have created our own algorithm that calculates average quality of tweet for each account.
Many key indicators have been used when creating this Twitter-centric report, such as
engagement with other Twitter users and quality of tweets. This has allowed Online Ventures to develop its own ranking system.
V360 sent all our #estateagent friends who were in the report a message and followed those we are not already following. p.s. we always follow back if you’d like to follow us, too!
“Congrats on your slot in #estateagents Twitter survey, we’re in there too! Keeping good #property company!”
Report produced by Online Ventures. You can download a copy of the report here:
Research Techniques:
While developing this report, Online Ventures has analysed both on-site factors and social
media attributes for every company that is included. Twitter, however, has been the main focus.
All data used in this report was correct at the time of writing. However, as with all statistical information, data can change over time and so may be slightly different if re-analysed.

– See more at:

Alex Evans

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