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How to Choose an Agent in a Tougher Market

Having a footing in both the Yorkshire and London markets, the current consensus I feel, is that the vast majority of buyers and sellers just want to get on with it. Yes there is continued hot-air being churned out on various fronts, however there are a strong number of transactions still taking place. Sure the…

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Ashfords LLP comment on no-fault evictions announcement

Joanne Young, Legal Director in Ashfords’ Property Litigation Team gives her reaction to the Government’s announcement to ban controversial ‘no-fault’ evictions: “I am concerned about the proposals announced today. In the same vein as the tenancy deposit rules, the licensing of HMOs, the retaliatory eviction law and, recently, the new legislation on tenant fees, the…

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The 4 Mistakes First-Time Buyers Must Avoid

Searching for your dream home can be an exciting time for first-time buyers, as you’ll be taking your first step onto the property ladder. However, rather than rushing into buying a home, you must aim to make an informed choice when investing in property. After all, it’s one of the most significant financial commitments you…

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6 Tips for Becoming a Great Landlord

As someone who owns a property, the landlord is responsible for renting and maintaining the space. In many cases, landlords are seen as the bad guys who are unfair and inattentive to their tenants’ needs. However, it is possible for you to push back against this stereotype by working hard to make your tenants happy…

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The leasehold property system in England and Wales

There has been increasing concern about the leasehold property system in the UK in recent years, largely because as the years on leases run down, leaseholders find themselves trapped in properties they are unable to sell. Statistics released by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in October 2018 estimate there were 4.3 million…

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7 Ways to create a Great Corporate Video

When a business, company, corporation or organization creates or commissions a video content, to be shared in the public domain to demonstrate its culture, finesse, environment or employees rather than concentrating on a particular product or service, it is called a corporate video. It can be of many types and can be used in a…

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