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How to Be a Landlord: A Comprehensive Guide

There’s a lot of money to be made in the real estate industry. But of course, you will need to make major investments first. Becoming a landlord is one of the best ways you can leverage real estate investments and make very good returns. A landlord is a real estate investor who earns an income…

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What to do with an inherited property

Inheriting property is not as unusual as one might think. About a third of us will experience being left a house or flat in a will at some point in our lives. It should feel like a gift, albeit one that’s bound to be accompanied by feelings of sadness and loss. What’s more, according to…

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Things to do before selling a house

Moving to a new place involves a lot of planning. You need to find a new place to live, schedule the removal, get familiar with your new neighbourhood and more. But there’s one more really important task that should be completed, and that’s selling your old house. You can try to find a buyer on…

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Profitable Real Estate Investments in 2019

In 2019, many investors want to diversify their portfolio or seek new asset ventures. Experts agree that real estate is a great way to start. If this seems daunting, there are many ways to begin with hands-free commitments. These options put your money into real estate without having to deal with enormous responsibility. In addition,…

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Q&A On The Best Flooring

Adding second coat of varnish floor boards

Does a luxury carpet mean you cannot afford it? Are there ways to get the ideal look at a price to suit? Absolutely not, it is our firm belief that luxury doesn’t need to be expensive. Dependant on your point of view on luxury, high quality 100% wool looped carpets start from £22 a square…

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Revealed: 70% of Homemovers are put off from Moving again due to Increased Levels of Stress and Anxiety

New survey reveals the causes of stress and anxiety for British homemovers both selling and buying property, leading to a new, industry-first, free help portal for those in the process.   Online Mortgage Advisor ( has conducted a survey of 1,307 British homemovers where sale completion had been achieved, which found that the process of…

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5 Unconventional ways to find new real estate clients

It might be tricky to find new real estate clients or leads, especially, if you’ve just started that business or trying to increase the number of people you served. In case you stick to the standard tips everyone knows and uses, you might get yourself into an infinite loop of trying with barely any results.…

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Are You Thinking of Moving? Don’t Forget About Canada!

As you think about moving, you should consider Canada. Moving to Canada can give you the freedom that you need to travel, live well, and save some money. Plus, the country has beautiful scenery and landscapes that will stun you every day. Continue reading to learn how Canada can make a great home for you…

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