Bi Fold Doors Vs Sliding Doors – Which Type Is Best?

It can be a tricky decision to decide whether to go with bi fold doors or sliding doors for your home. However, the decision usually comes down to what their individual budget is and what their personal style preference is. What is true of both these types of doors is that they provide an easily accessible connection between both the inside space and the outside space that your property has, whilst at the same time providing an abundance of natural light. Because of how bi fold doors and sliding doors differ in how they operate, it leads people to lean to one of the styles over another.

Bi Fold Doors

Made up of at least 2 door leaves, when bi fold doors are opened up, they fold back up one one another, concertina style. Each door panel is attached to the other by a series of hinges, and each of these run along two seperate tracks (one at the bottom and one at the top) via a carriage system. The great thing about bi fold doors is that they have the ability to really open a space up, connecting the outdoors with the indoors and vice versa. Because they can come with an optional traffic door, it means that you get access through them easily and without having to slide all of the doors back. To get a free quote, visit bi fold doors Glasgow.

One of the main issues with bi fold doors is that they have to be stacked up and so require a certain amount of space. Also, because of all of the frames that are required, they can obstruct any nice views that there may be.

Sliding Doors

These types of doors are made up of 2 plus big panels of glass that move over to the side, with the panels sitting behind each other. Because of this, they provide a fully unobscured view of the outside and so are perfect to use in those spaces where there are picturesque views to be had and where there is a want / need for a greater amount of natural light. Unlike bi fold doors though, sliding doors do not provide a full opening, due to the fact that they have to slide back on one another, meaning that 1 panel of glass is always available. Where there is only a limited amount of space, sliding doors are the better option as they do not require as much space than what bi fold doors do to open up.

When compared with bi fold doors that have a built in traffic door, then they are not as convenient when it comes to quick and easy access.

The Final Verdict

There is no one set answer as to which one of these two types of doors is the best as it really does depend on the space where they are going to be used and what they are going to be used for. For unrestricted views, go for sliding doors, but for creating indoor / outdoor living, go for bi fold doors.

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