Brighter The Better

Stand Out From The Competition This Winter
with a new illuminated office fascia sign

Kremer Signs, design, manufacture and install high quality signage throughout the whole of the UK. From simple sign trays to LED illuminated office signs, with an option of various Window Displays and Pavement Signs. We can create stunning fascia signs for your company that ensures you stand out from the crowd.

Throughout the winter period, when traditionally the market becomes tough, it is key that your company is ahead of the competition. We can guarantee that with one of our illuminated fascia options, your company will be the one standing out down the high street. With an option of fret cut LED illuminated signs, LED built up lettering or just a simple Parabeam trough light, which ever style appeals to you, we can assure it will help your brand identity to stand out from the competition.

Below, I will explain the options available to agents and the benefits of that particular style, to help you chose the perfect illuminated fascia sign for you.


Fret Cut LED Illumination

Aston Rowe

Fret Cut panels are designed to allow illumination of either lettering, logos or both through the face of a folded aluminium panel. The text or logo is cut out of the aluminium sign tray and backed up with an acrylic sheet. The sheet can be clear or coloured depending of the agents branding, and is then illuminated via LED’s that are installed behind the fascia tray. This gives a very clean, clear and professional look to the shop front, and looks great complimented with LED Light Pocket Window Displays or a projecting sign illuminated via the same method (as above).

Additional Options- The fret cut letters can additionally be faced with a vinyl to black out the centre of the letter to create an illuminated key-line effect to the text, which can also look very impressive



Built Up LED Lettering


The built up stainless steel letters stand proud from the aluminium fascia tray, and have a depth of 50mm. They are fitted with LED lighting inside each letter, and can be supplied in any colour to match the brand. This technique creates a bright halo lighting effect around the letters which looks incredibly impressive at night. This is perfect for maximum exposure during the darker seasons of the year, and will increase your high street presence massively.

Additional Options- The built up letters can have the face of the letters removed and caped in acrylic to also give off illumination from the front and still achieve the halo effect behind the lettering. This is an option to further maximise the brightness of the fascia sign.

Brandshaw Henderson


Parabeam Lighting


The parabeam option is fascia illumination in its simplest form, but still very effective. The fascia itself contains no illumination so will be supplied as standard with vinyl letters or stand-off lettering, applied direct to the aluminium fascia tray. The fascia is then illuminated via an LED parabeam trough unit, installed direct to the wall above or on the top of the fascia, providing great downwards illumination on your shop sign.

This is great for agents that are under slightly tighter budgets or are looking to illuminate a fascia which is situated on a listed building.

Throughout August & September we will be offering Free Site Surveys to help you design and plan your new office fascia sign, window displays and any internal signage.

If this service is something you would like to take advantage of, email us on , call in on 01635 46125 or visit our website


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