The Importance of a Mobile Site

So, you have a fantastic website, It’s got everything you need to take on an online market. On a PC, Your design is clean, efficient and intuitive. Great! But what happens if you try to connect to your website via a mobile? Or even a Tablet? Suddenly, each feature you’ve added becomes an obstacle that the user is just expected to deal with. Mobile is quickly become the most popular way to browse the web, it’s never been more important to cater to every user.

We live in a non-stop society these days. Finding time to even drop into an agency can be difficult but your website is there to help with this. It makes your services available when either you or your client are not. Imagine someone who is on a busy lunch break, they don’t have time to come in and see you, but want to see your properties while on the move. Their mobile is the only way to connect to you, and not making your services available denies them that opportunity.

A Mobile Site is essentially everything from your main site, but optimised in a way to fit a smaller screen and implements touch navigation. Unresponsive sites quickly frustrate users, and within seconds of not being able to find what they want will switch turn off, or even worse, turn to a competitor.

Taking the users needs into account is paramount when it comes to your site. Many agencies tend to focus on themselves when you arrive at their site, having to go through two or three pages before you can even access a property search form.  As a user this is frustrating enough, but having to navigate all the way to this page on an unresponsive site is unacceptable for most users. This can result in lost sales for you, and for your sellers.

Making your agency mobile compatible is really pretty easy too. Many companies (including ours!) have dedicated mobile sites ready to add you your website, connected to your own property data feed, and most importantly, all with minimal effort from you.

So don’t let technology get away from you, get your agency mobile today!


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