Buying An Electric Boiler- The Important Things You Need To Know

When it comes to the heating system of your home, the boiler is central to its work. This system makes and distributes the steam or hot water towards the heaters that then dispenses the heat. Buying the right type of boiler that meets your needs ensures that for many years to come you will remain relaxed and you will keep your bills short. So if you are thinking of buying a boiler, an electric boiler will make a good choice. You will be glad to know that they do not use a lot of space, operate quietly and are often cheaper to install compared to gas and oil boilers. It’s also interesting to look into boiler grants. But there is more, read on.

Why Buy Electric Boiler

According to Jennifer Campbell, boiler cover claims advisor at Prominence Support ‘’Buying an electric boiler could prove very smart if you are trying to replace an age-old gas or oil boiler; Not only are they neater and less stressful to use they also keep your mind at rest in the knowledge that there is no need for an oil or gas tank for storage somewhere in the backyard’’. Electric boilers come with a diverse range of capacities that can be integrated into any corner in the kitchen or laundry area. If you are serious about your carbon footprints, central electric radiators will drastically cut it down, and you can enjoy lesser electricity charges at off-peak rates if you have a water storage tank along with your boiler. This is a great deal that saves on monthly utility bills while providing more comfort.

What is Eminent Electric Combi Boilers

A combination or combi boiler is a high competence water as well as a central heating boiler held in an adamantine unit. Electric combi boiler directly heats water from the main power supply when the tap is switched on, so it eliminates the need for a hot water storage drum or a cold water loading tank. Furthermore, combi boilers are very economical and energy-efficient considering water temperature is getting promptly heated instead of being heated then stored in a drum. Another advantage is that you could enjoy a potent shower without the need for a detached pump since the hot water is carried at the mains pressure, if you’re in need of a combi boiler, then let this combi boiler costs guide help you.

The Capacity of Your Boiler

Your boiler capacity should match your home’s need for hot water. The First Hour Rating is the foundation of comparison for heaters that use a conservative storage tank. The First Hour Rating indicated how many gallons of hot water can be generated by a boiler in one hour at the highest demand, beginning with the tank filled with water and heated to the temperature set in the thermostat. If the First Hour Rating of the boiler is below the highest demand of your household, it may not carry enough heating leaving you with a cold shower, if you are last in queue. The best boiler to buy are those with a First Hour Rating that is at least 10% over your peak domestic demand which will be suitable should you have an increase in the number of inhabitants in your household or other need that may cause an increased demand for hot water.

Keep the Energy Factor In Mind

An electric boiler’s Energy Factor rating refers to the boiler’s efficiency in passing electrical energy into heated water. The higher the EF, the more competence the boiler has. Typical electric boilers may have EF ratings as low as 0.75, while extraordinary efficient water boilers have EF ratings of 0.90 and above. But conventional water boilers have EF ratings of 0.95 as the top figure. EF is based on how well the heater transmits the heat energy into water, the total heat released from the loading tank as stored water is reserved to be utilized and the heat that beats as water fills up the internal ways of the water boiler and the inlet and outlet tubes.

Why Electric Boiler?

Electric boiler offers many advantages that make it a wise investment.

1. Cheaper Installation

Compared to gas and oil boilers, electric boilers cost lest to install. And for good reason. Electric boilers don’t produce as much waster as gas and oil boilers so it doesn’t use a flue or condensate pipe, which eliminated the need for additional piping as well.

2. Eliminates the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Leak

While gas and oil produce carbon monoxide when burnt, electric boiler does not as it doesn’t burn any fuel, which removes the risk of a carbon monoxide leak altogether.

3. No Need For Annual Service

There is no need for an annual service of electric boilers as they don’t have a lot of moving parts. You could save even more yearly when you don’t have to arrange a service.

4. Flexible installation

While gas or oil boilers need to be hung on an external wall, you can install an electric boiler in a wall in just about any area of your home. This is because a flue or condensate pipe is not required as electric boilers don’t produce harmful water gases or water while in operation.

5. Solar Compatible

You can cut even further down on your carbon footprint and reduce running costs by running an electric boiler with solar PV which provides free renewable solar energy. This solar thermal system can even heat up the water in a cylinder.

Electric Boiler Maintenance

One of the easiest things you can do is to maintain electric boilers. Since no burning gases or residue build up over time that has to be cleaned away from time to time. You have a super clean water heating solution and all the maintenance you have to do is clean out debris that followed the water into the system.

Save Costs With Electric Boiler Cover

When buying an electric boiler, keep in mind that like any other appliance, it can break down too and this can be incredibly stressful for you and your household, especially if the breakdown has happened during the cold winter months where heated water is needed the most. By taking electric boiler cover insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind in the event of a boiler crisis.
Repairs can cost a lot, and you could shell out thousands on a new boiler. At the end of the day good boiler or appliance insurance could save you a fortune. With this cover, you save on repairs and replacement of parts.

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