Calling all agents! Embrace social media and don’t look back: Part 2

We have listed our top ten tips when it comes to using social media, which we’ll be sharing with all property professionals. We will be publishing these tips in three different parts, keep a look out for part 3 of our top ten tips! Follow us on Twitter @VTUK or find us on Facebook.

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Tip 4: Produce content that people need

Our fourth tip for agents when it comes to using social media, is to produce content that people need. Producing content that people need will increase how many shares your work gets. If your material is helpful, many of your followers are likely to share it. As an agent, your material should be based around the property industry and so you should be focusing particularly on this area. It’s important to check newspapers, blogs and other relevant sources, for information you can write about on a daily basis.


Once you’ve written your articles, it’s important to share it on every platform. This will increase its popularity, the more shares you get, the more likely you are to be successful when it comes to using social media. As well as this, as an agent you should encourage your followers to share and re-tweet your work. This can have a dramatic impact on how many shares you get, as many people often only follow instructions on social media, if they are told.

On the other hand, writing helpful information can be difficult and often leads to many challenges. It’s important to assess what information has already been written and make sure you’re not duplicating material. If you duplicate material, it’s important to make sure you write the article in your own words to avoid plagiarism. As well as this, producing information that will help other people, may be looked upon as boring by your followers. It’s important to have a balance of material so your followers get a positive view of you, as a company. Furthermore, it’s important to make sure your content is of a high standard. This will make the company look professional and give your readers even more of a reason to share your work. Overall, publishing content that is helpful can be challenging, but once you have mastered the skill, your social media will start to grow in popularity.

Tip 5: Use Twitter to excel your business

When it comes to our fifth tip, we feel you should utilise Twitter to excel yourself as a business. As social media experts ourselves, we feel Twitter is the most powerful tool when it comes to reaching an audience, as it has the ability to narrow down a topic and reach specific audiences. There are several ways Twitter manages to do this but the main one is by using hashtags. By using hashtags, as a company you can identify specific subjects and talking points within the industry. It also allows users to easily find their favourite conversations, by just searching the relevant hashtag. As well as using hashtags, Twitter also uses what they call ‘lists’ to narrow down specific people. There are lists of property professionals, from estate agents and letting agents to salesman and designers. These lists allow you to target people who may be interested in your services.

twitter bag

One key advantage that Twitter has over any other social media platform is the way it acts as a live feed of information. As soon as you enter Twitter, you’re greeted with a home feed full of information. We cannot highlight how vital it is that you utilise this feature to excel your business. We suggest your business posts information at least three times a day. By posting information regularly, it is more likely to be seen, giving you an impressive look. It’s also important to make sure each piece of information you post is relevant to your industry. As a property professional, we urge you to use Twitter as a way of expanding your business. Use Twitter and connect with your industry today!

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Tip 6: Photography works on Facebook      

Our sixth tip relates directly to Facebook and demonstrates how photography plays a vital part in the social media process. When it comes to usingFacebook, we feel photography is key to creating an engaging and popular community. There are many benefits of using photos on Facebook and we have listed some of these below for your use.


 Become a digital album  

Facebook provides your company with the perfect platform, when it comes to being a digital album. It’s important to post as many images of your company as you can, to emphasise your business and its services. By doing this, you can provide your followers with a digital album of your company. As well as posting these images, it’s important to make sure they are labelled correctly and placed in the correct albums. By doing this, you will provide your followers with a digital album they can navigate through.

Allow fans to identify your brand

Photos give you the opportunity to provide your fans with a way of identifying your brand. Whether you post pictures of you in the office or at an event, people are given the opportunity to identify your brand. Try and post pictures that people can identify with, such as your company at an event, or your company busy at work in the office. If you’re an agent, posting pictures of you selling a house would allow similar agents and customers to interact with you, as they can identify with it. It’s not just Facebook that can help your fans identify with you; Instagram works extremely well when it comes to this. Connecting your Instagram account to Facebook will also enhance your use of photos on your page.

Increase your shares

Photos are known for having the most shares on Facebook. The more shares you get, the more your work gets noticed. It’s important to post larger images as these will get noticed much more than a smaller image. Make sure your images have a strong meaning that has the potential to hit your followers hard. This will give you a much higher sharing rate.

Showcase your company  

Lastly, the use of photos also allows you to showcase your business. Use your Facebook page as a way of showing off by posting eye catching images of your products and services. It’s important your photos are as big as they can be, as this will provide your fans with a great sense of pride for your brand.

Keep a look out for part 3 of our top ten tips! Follow us on Twitter @VTUK or find us on Facebook.


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