Cat Trees & Scratching Posts – Minimize damage caused by Cats in your Home

Cat Trees and Scratching Posts

Apart from dogs getting up to mischief when left alone at home, cats are probably the most common pet to cause damage to your furniture at home. Of course it very much depends on how well trained your pet cat is and whether you keep them at home ‘indoor cat‘ or if they are free to roam the locality and merely pop in for food and drink.

Cats like to scratch. They scratch during play. They scratch while stretching. They scratch to mark territory or as a threatening signal other cats. And because cats’ claws need regular sharpening, cats scratch on things to remove frayed, worn outer claws and expose new, sharper claws. All this scratching can cause a lot of damage to furniture, drapes and carpeting!

Cats love to scratch as we all know and this can leave many items of furniture open to cosmetic damage from leather sofas to the legs of the dining room table – This can also be the cause of snagging accidentally on your cat’s claws.

As a cat owner myself I can say from experience that you will not be able to stop a cat from wanting to scratch so if you can’t beat it then you need to divert it over to where the scratching will not be a problem – In other words cat scratchers. Most households whom have cats will generally have one of these though the size of them can vary.

Especially for those homes who own an indoor cat then the more cat scratchers you have the better, if you have a large home you have space to add plenty, if you have a more compact place of residence for you and your cat then you need to make that floor space count. We need to be looking at keeping your cat entertained especially with a variety of toys and also well exercised.

Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree Scratcher Activity Centre Scratching Post:

We set about reviewing the Cozy Pet cat tree that combines solutions for both exercise along with taking on all the scratching your cat will be looking for – It also can be seen as entertainment and a place to laze about and sleep.

Cozy Pet Light Grey Cat Tree

Cozy Pet Light Grey Cat Tree – Box


When you order the Cozy Pet Deluxe Cat Tree (Dimensions: H 170 x W 50 x D 50 cm) it will arrive is a single neat box, not as big as you would think, though a little bit weighty.

Easy to put together Cat Tree

Easy to put together Cat Tree


Once you open the box you will see all the items within neatly packaged. There is an instruction manual (far too brief and leaving you to use more common sense over following any steps) along with necessary tool(s) in order to tighten fixings.

Takes approximately 30 minutes to put together

Takes approximately 30 minutes to put together


It is an easy to put together cat tree, the total time it took us to erect was 22 minutes. It really is a great design and quality of material product – Robust and designed to last. It is quite an attractive item despite it’s size – Depending on your colour schemes and layout, it does not necessarily stand out in a negative way.

Cozy Pet Cat Tree Grey

Cozy Pet Cat Tree Grey


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