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Estate Agent Talk

All Estate/Letting Agents are sharks and liars.

The typical stereotype of an estate/letting agent ...... and they can restrain our ability to network, grow and work well. Stereotypes, however, are not inherently ...
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The financial advantages of a professional cleaning service.

Whether you're working your estate agency from home or at the office, small or big, there is undoubtedly rubbish and dust littered around your premises ...
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mayfair london

London’s Mayfair Becoming Top Prime Market, Again!

The rare air of Mayfair has inspired wonder for many generations, mainly thanks to its position on the Monopoly board. However, since World War II, ...
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Online agents – Big savings or, paying up-front for failure?

As an agent who has always embraced new technology and working practices, I have no problem with online agents, in fact, I have often looked ...
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Estate Agents Collaborate To Revolutionise The Luxury Home Marketplace.

Maurice Kilbride Residential Sales Limited, one of South Manchester's leading and most innovative Estate and Letting agents, has joined forces with Britain’s Best Home who ...
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What the Real Estate Pundit is doing next.

When I started writing under the Real Estate Pundit pseudonym, I was in mourning. My start-up was in a coma. I needed a solid break ...
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Could starting up your own agency be the worst decision of your life?

How many times have you thought, I could do this better, I could run my own estate and lettings agency, but I haven’t the money ...
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rapport building skills for estate agents

Suits you sir! Is your dress code your undoing?  

The Apprentice is back on our screens and I'm sure many of you will be following Lord Sugar's candidates as they make fundamental business errors ...
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Making Valuations Count.

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money ...
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