Change-of-Address Checklist If You Are Moving to a New Home

If you are in Plymouth and are moving to a new house, there will be many things that you need to take care about. Firstly, you have to enlist the services of an efficient Plymouth removals company who will undertake the moving of your goods in the best manner possible and at the lowest rates. One important thing which we very often overlook is the making of a change of address checklist UK. It is essential to inform relevant agencies, offices, and groups that are connected with you about your change of address.

The change of address checklist will enable all your related agencies and offices to send your parcels and mails to your new location. Failure to make a checklist can result in many inconveniences, and you will find that you have not received essential letters which you were expecting. Consequently, you will have a hard time retrieving your mails from your old address. An efficient removal company in Plymouth will provide you advice on making a change of address checklist that will help you prevent the troubles that may arise by not informing the concerned people about your moving.

Why having a change of address checklist is important?

The following is a list of the offices and agencies who need to be present on your change of address UK checklist:

1. Utility services in your area: You should take the time to inform the utility services that you have been using at your old residence. If not done in time, you may have to unnecessarily pay for services which you are no longer using in your vacated house. So inform the utility services, such as the telephone company, water department, internet provider, gas company, garbage service, electrical company, etc. about your address change so that they will stop sending bills after your move.

2. Financial services you have been using: It is also essential to inform your banks of the change in address so that you will continue getting your financial statements in time. If you have taken loans, they will be able to send the monthly reminders of your instalments at the new address. The financial services who need to be informed are banks, insurance agencies, credit card companies, accounts and tax services, credit reporting agencies, etc.

3. Social Clubs: Inform all the clubs and organizations where you are a member, of your change in address. If they have got branches at your new location, it will enable you to get a membership there also easily.

4. Schools and Colleges: Contact the schools and colleges where your children are studying presently and inform them in advance about where you are moving.

5. Government Organizations: It is essential to inform the relevant government agencies about your address change as not doing so can affect you significantly. These agencies include the post office, department of motor vehicles, customs and immigration offices, etc.

6. Voting Address: You also need to change your voting address, and this can be done quickly at the official UK government website.

7. Online Shops: Copies of your new address should be forwarded to the online delivery services from where you usually do your shopping such as Amazon, eBay, etc. Mostly the method will be as simple as filling an online form for change of address.
8. Newspapers and Magazine Services: Your address change should also be informed to the local newspaper and magazine delivery service who can then make the necessary arrangements to continue delivering your periodicals and newspapers at your new residence.
9. Local essential services: People involved in providing you the essential services for the maintenance of your home also need to be informed. That will give them the time to settle any bill payments that may be due and also find other customers as a replacement when you move. These services include the electrician, pest control service, plumber, etc.

10. Inform the National Health Service (NHS): Be sure to inform the NHS by filling their form for change of address. This will avoid any messages being sent to your old location, which might contain your personal details so that there is no misuse of the information.

Making a change of address checklist UK is an essential part of the moving process and should not be underestimated. With the help of the above tips, you can prepare the checklist that will enable you to continue receiving all the essential documents and correspondence at your new location. For more help in making the change of address checklist, get in contact with your nearest Plymouth removals company who can provide you with the relevant guidance.

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