Choose safe and stylish plumbing fixtures for your bathroom

Buying bathroom fixtures can be exciting because you pick them based on the interior theme on your mind. Every single feature that you shop for can make you feel closer to achieving your design goals. The journey can become fun and pleasurable if you know what can give you the best result. To be precise, you can gather some information to get your choices right and hassle-free. When you talk about bathroom hardware, it usually includes sink faucets, towel racks and rings, toilet paper holders, shower and tub, soap dishes, etc. So, let’s find out what you can choose and how.

The selection of the safe sink faucet

Whether you visit a physical store or browse online, you have to pay attention to three aspects of the faucets – lead-free, leak-proof, and certified.

As per the US standards, the plumbing fixture has to be lead-free and certified. But people find out ways to buy non-certified products also. If you don’t want to face any legal challenge or health risk, it’s better to stick to the guidelines prescribed for any product. Buying faucets that contain lead or any other injurious elements can be risky for you and your family’s health. To avoid this, you should check products with reputable stores only who sell certified faucets. If you examine the online collection, read product descriptions to have clarity about this.

Besides, the faucet should feature NSF/ANSI standards for use. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) say that faucets and plumbing fittings for drinking water should conform to their guidelines to ensure safety. Plus, choose a faucet that helps you control water wastage caused by leakage or improper water flow force.

Remember these things when you go through the range of faucets trending on the market for bathrooms. While new designs would take care of your interiors, the safety standards and eco-friendliness would allow you to enjoy your selection hesitation-free.

Overall hardware theme

Your bathroom décor can deviate from the overall home interior idea. Therefore, it is wise to use your central interior theme as a clue to determine your choices for bathroom fixtures. The bathroom should look cohesive in the end. If you follow the basic style, it will become easy to decorate your bathroom. As such, when you discuss designs, you get three stark concepts to explore, including traditional, modern, and transitional. Traditional bathroom fixtures are quite common because they can match any home décor style.

Contemporary and transitional designs don’t give you much flexibility. Either of these features feel apt in their corresponding surroundings. Still, many homeowners lean on a transitional theme for its mix of traditional and contemporary charm. For an experience of this, you can dig into features with curved lines. These can be nothing less than a visual treat for their simplicity.

Whether you pick faucet or something else, you must be sure whether you are looking for uniformity or a mix-and-match type of vibe. Interior experts give importance to uniform look for its focus on the design. However, it has more to do with personal taste. Just make sure your metal fixtures and finishes are the same no matter what approach you take.

Do you think too many options can be a hurdle in decision-making? Make your budget based on the theme you have in your mind and you will know what justifies your purpose.

The types of bathroom faucets

You can choose one quickly if you are sure about the choice of the sink. It will help you focus on only relevant faucet styles. For example, you will need to buy a vessel sink faucet for your vessel style bowl. For undermount or top-mount basins, you can choose from single handles, faucet sets, or widespread faucets.

For vessel sinks, you get taller faucets with spout or waterfall designs. Both of these options are elegant and classy. If you like adding drama, you can naturally incline toward waterfall-like shapes.

As for the tub or shower area, you can select the same hardware as you do for the sink. The knobs and controls will be about 33inches away from the floor, but they have to be easy to access from the tub or shower. Besides, the showerhead should be high enough to accommodate even the tallest person in the house under it. While its finish has to match with other hardware items, you can select a rain showerhead style for a unique experience.

The trendy metals and finishes

Some of the distinct metal finishes include brushed, satin, polished, and antique. You can get these in solid metals or metal coatings depending on your budget. For a contemporary bathroom, a stainless steel faucet can be a superior choice. With bronze faucets, you can experiment with any look without worries. It is timeless. Nickel faucets can be available in brushed, polished, and satin finish. It is also a versatile option.

The choice of different accessories

Towel storage space has to be in the vicinity of the sink area for easy accessibility. Make sure you have towel rings, racks, or bars in this spot. The size of these hardware items will depend on the space available for them. So measure it to pick the right dimensions. As for the toilet holder, you can find traditional styles more fascinating. If the bathroom is small, going for an over the toilet tank holder design can feel smart. Besides, you can buy matching grab bars for your toilet and shower area.

Like this, you can go about other bathroom fixtures and fittings also. No matter how many things you buy, it will never feel tiring. Simultaneously, you can complete your shopping fast and get down to the ultimate task immediately. However, to avoid any disappointment with this undertaking, it is necessary to stick to a theme that you decide and be open to the options that come your way in your budget. You should be ready to be innovative with your approach. In the end, everything can take its shape and form based on your vision.

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