Composite Garden Fencing / Gates – Pros & Cons

composite gates

As much as many of us enjoy great relationships with our neighbours, we do also relish privacy between our properties / boundaries. Years ago I remember rows of gardens with no more that a wire fence with wooden posts separating each with some having missing sections and even those totally without. Many neighbours would have their daily chats over the fence, passing gifts such as foods, lending the likes of garden tools or simply handing back balls / Frisbees and other toys. Today, as I look left and right at the row of neighbouring gardens it is a series of 6ft fence panels with concrete posts, we live in much more privacy over community.

Most damage occurring to fencing / garden gates / posts will be down to weather (mostly wind) or simply age (wear & tear). Depending on the quality of the products used and the amount of maintenance given will equate to the life span of fencing and gates – Solid construction for example using of concrete or Durapost fence posts with high quality and wood treated panels can offer many years of use. Wind is the biggest burden on fencing, once again solid posts and / or panels will help of using fencing with gaps such as picket fencing.

What is composite fencing? Composite (recycled plastic) fencing is a relatively new material to hit the scene in the world of gardening, an all-plastic or made from a mixture of plastic and wood (similar to composite decking) product that comes in many different colours and designs. Made to last and durable, composite fencing is a growing trend though consumers need to realise that it will be far more costly than conventional wood alternatives.

What are the advantages of composite fencing / gates? There are many and these are what cause the prices to be higher than most wooden options on the market.

  • Rot & mould resistant.
  • Crack /splinter resistant.
  • Not effected by sunlight (UV stable) / rain  / frost etc.
  • Not effected by insects.
  • Does not require maintenance such as varnishing / treatment / spraying.
  • Lengthy lifetime.
  • Variety of colours / finishes / designs to choose from.

Are there some disadvantages of composite fencing? Yes there are a couple though these do not outweigh the positives:

  • Price (likely to be at least 2/3 times the cost of decent wood options).
  • Maintenance (cleaning).
  • More sensitive / prone to scratching than wood.

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