Considering a Move to England Check Out These Beautiful Towns and Cities

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The allure of the English culture entices many hopeful travellers to the shores of Britain every single year, looking to make a new home in one of the many beautiful towns or cities.

From village greens and towns rich in medieval history to cosmopolitan metropolises bursting at the seams with opportunity, enigmatic individuals, and every custom imaginable – England has it all.

England is defined by so much more than rain and London, as the vastness of its beautiful topography is home to an abundance of places to discover.

If you were considering a move to England, it might be worth checking out some of the hidden gems, as one of them may yet provide the idyllic vision of the new home you have envisioned.

From pubs to castles and heaths to beaches, here are some of the best towns and cities in England.


Warwick is a serene county town in the heart of the midlands, steeped in centuries upon centuries of history, tranquil scenery, independent stores, and countless pubs, bars, and restaurants. There is an abundance of high-quality amenities for what would initially appear to be a relatively small and tranquil market town.

It is perhaps most famous for its old buildings and monuments. The appropriately named Warwick Castle is a wonderfully intact monument, full of activities, tours, and interactive history to lose yourself in. The castle is over 1100 years old, which certainly helps to evoke the richness of the history found throughout Warwick’s cobbled streets.

Situated roughly an hour and a half away from London by train and 45 minutes from Birmingham, the spot is a lovely escape from the bigger cities but still captures an animated vibe, even its quieter suburbs.

Its luscious green parks and many walking opportunities make it a fantastic option for anyone wanting to reside in a classical English town, with the freedom to visit the cities on their doorstep.


A thriving seaside town in Cornwall, Falmouth is a jewel of the English south; it is brimming with a rich maritime history, golden beaches, world-class cafes, bustling pubs, and a lively nightlife enjoyed by the thousands of students that inhabit the town.

The creative arts university in nearby Penryn is partly responsible for the many cultural events that regularly take place around the town, whether it’s spoken word poetry, live music, art installations, or independent cinema.

If you happen to enjoy getting embroiled in the spontaneity of song, the annual sea shanty festival is definitely worth checking out. The oyster festival is also perfect for those of you with an appetite for the luxurious, and many of the restaurants cook with fish caught fresh the very same morning.


With a sprawling art scene, wonderfully unique property designs, and a distinctive flavour found nowhere but Bristol, the city is home to an extensive cast of eccentrics and Banksy originals.

Bristol could be the place for you if you love art, breathtaking views, and a neat amalgamation of the urban and the rural.

The Rough Trade store in Nelson Street regularly has live music in their backroom, which is just one of the many reasons why no day of the week needs ever be boring when you live in Bristol.

Anyone who likes to travel away from the beaten track, express their creativity, and surround themselves with friendly, progressive individuals will likely find making a home in Bristol as easy as imaginable.

Moreover, property demand and the rise of remote working may go neatly together, so now might be the time to capitalise on buying property before it becomes too costly in one of England’s most unique and exciting cities.

Hebden Bridge

If the north of England has your interest thoroughly peaked, Hebden Bridge is certainly worth checking out.

If you love getting lost in the profundity of the natural world among the rolling hills, stunning vistas, and bracing wind, there are many opportunities to keep yourself fit and healthy while traversing the northern English countryside.

The town centre is well-equipped to suit your culinary needs of any description, as the top-quality restaurants, market stalls, and pubs have all got something unique to offer. Unique is truly the word, as there are no chain stores anywhere in the town. Independent stores line the streets instead, making it a one-of-a-kind experience found nowhere else in England.

There is a vast literary background to Hebden Bridge, and the surrounding area was home to many great writers, including Sylvia Plath.

If you still wanted the country life but needed the thrill of the big cities every now and then, Manchester is a simple train ride away.

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