Decorating Your Home Before Putting It On the Market

Selling a house is a fairly complex process that requires a great deal of preparation, especially if it’s your first time. Once you comply with all regulatory requirements, you must make the house attractive enough to catch the attention of potential buyers. Home staging ideas include cleaning, accessorizing, bedroom staging, and making good use of natural lighting.

6 Profitable Home Staging Tips

Potential buyers view various properties before making a decision. Your house can stand out in the following ways:

1. A Lasting First Impression

Most potential buyers get information about listings from websites, which include outdoor photos and videos. Some drive around the neighborhood of a house they’re interested in before walking in to view it. It’s essential to create a curb appeal to increase the property’s marketability.

Make the front door the focal point, clean or replace old windows, and give the exterior some fresh paintwork. Use a pressure washer to clean concrete, paved, or tarmacked driveways. Trim hedges, repair wooden fences, and add color with some potted plants around the entrance.

2. Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

A new coat of paint makes any surface look brand new. You might have an eccentric taste, but it’s advisable to pick warm, neutral colors. This choice makes it easier for new owners to integrate their decorations. Not all neutral colors are preferable. Although balanced, grey is associated with negative moods such as sadness and boredom.

The best colors for home painting are shades of beige and white. Other than their positive emotional benefits, they also provide the perfect background to accessorize the house. You can add brighter colors with throw pillows, flowers and green plants, rugs, and fruit bowls.

3. Declutter

Clutter makes your house appear smaller than it is. It also hides some aspects that might increase its value in the buyer’s eyes. A minimalist approach to home staging makes it easier for potential buyers to visualise it as their future home. The decluttering process includes removing personal items, such as family photos, magazines, and household appliances. It also involves rearranging furniture to make it easier for viewers to walk around the house.

Go through each room carefully and remove any item that can distract viewers. They include toiletries, old towels, old toys, cutlery, and any expired items. Decluttering is also part of the bedroom staging process. You should get rid of old clothes and arrange the wardrobe. Consider investing in drawers to store random items that could make the room look messy.

4. Identify Focal Points

Focal points are parts of your house that are unique and increase its perceived value. They include fireplaces, pieces of furniture, paintings, and windows with enchanting views. They make your home stand out even if potential buyers have already viewed similar ones.

One way of accentuating a focal point is to arrange furniture around or in front of it. That way, it grasps the viewer’s attention without you necessarily pointing it out. It also draws attention from any dull or unfavorable parts of the house.

5. Make Good Use of Light

Natural light makes rooms look more spacious while showcasing their splendor. Potential buyers won’t feel suffocated while touring the house. You can maximize its effect around the house via strategically placed mirrors. Remove thick drapes, open the blinds, or install see-through curtains on large windows.

You can use accent lighting to bring attention to the unique aspects of your home. In some instances, candlelight gives it a cozy feeling that potential buyers will appreciate.

6. Pay Special Attention to The Bedrooms

Bedroom staging is significant because people spend a lot of time in these rooms. If potential buyers have a good feeling about it, they’re more likely to love the rest of the house. A fresh coat of neutral paint is the first step to giving it a simple but sophisticated look. Make the master bedroom as gender-neutral as possible by avoiding bedspreads with patterned or floral designs.

White fabrics on a cozy mattress make the room brighter, and can easily match the curtains and walls. Please get rid of furniture other than the bed and drawers and add mirrors to make it appear more spacious. Pleasant smells are another way to make potential buyers fall in love with the bedroom. Remember to stage the ensuite bathroom as well. You can do so by cleaning it thoroughly, removing clutter, hanging white towels, and placing scented candles. Try your best to give it a look and feel of a spa.

The effort you put into home decoration plays a significant role in reducing the amount of time it stays in the market. Painting, bedroom staging, decluttering, and other tips outlined above are tried and tested ways of driving demand. Hire a professional home staging company for the best results. Sign up to our newsletter today for more valuable real estate recommendations.

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