Digital Property Displays vs LED Light Pockets 

Recently, there has been a surge in the number of businesses using digital signage within sectors such as corporate, retail, healthcare and transport. The estate agency sector has been no different and agents are beginning to see the value in using screens to display their latest properties in their branch windows.

Whilst digital displays screens have a number of uses, estate agents generally install them to replace the traditional LED light pockets that have long decorated estate agency windows. So what is causing this technology trend?

For years, traditional light pockets have been a hallmark of estate agents throughout the high street and these have served estate agents well and to good effect. However, the gradual decline of the high street and recent developments in technology have prompted a shift in the way that properties are advertised. Automatically updating digital property displays are becoming an increasingly popular option for estate agents.

Digital property displays in windows were previously reserved for high-end estate agents with huge budgets, but this is no longer the case. Estate agents large or small can now reap the benefits of window screens without breaking the bank.

Time-Saving Maintenance 

Up until now, light pockets have served as a viable sales aid for estate agent’s windows, helping to entice passersby to come in for a consultation. Light pockets, however, can be expensive to update and tedious to maintain. The printing costs of property posters can soon mount and replacing each individual light pocket when a house is sold can be a lengthy process.

Digital property displays completely alleviate the hassle of updating light pockets. Our software can be integrated with your property CRM, such as Jupix, Reapit or Expert Agent, and this means your content will be automatically updated on-screen when new properties are added.  Estate agents can be confident that their window marketing content is up to date, without having to spend their time updating the properties themselves.

Visually Attractive

When correctly used, light pockets can be an attractive and effective means to draw in the attention of passersby and make them come in for a consultation. The only problem is these have become so widely used that the public has become desensitised to them as a marketing channel, and are no longer as impressed as they once were.
A street-facing digital property display is an effective way of gaining the upper-hand on the other estate agents on the high street. It’s common knowledge that humans are captivated by visual aids, especially those with volume, moving graphics or videos. A high brightness, anti-glare display facing out onto a busy street can transform the windows of any estate agency. In the digital age, screens are a great way to go.

Beyond Properties
In the 21st century, it is arguably just as important to build a solid brand as it is to make sales. Building a solid brand will help build up a strong reputation and leave the business in good standing for years to come.
One way to do this, especially in the millennial era, is through a strong social media presence. There are few platforms that have the ability to enhance your brand better than digital signage which can integrate live Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds onto the screens, meaning they automatically update when there are new posts. Whether these are of happy customers who have just purchased a property or general updates about the estate agents, it’s a valuable feature that shouldn’t be underestimated.
Beyond social media, a digital property display can be used to show branded content from the agency such as videos describing their services or testimonials. With dedicated widgets for adding the weather, time and news to your screen, it’s easy to create an engaging dashboard that provides value to passersby and far exceeds the capabilities of static paper light pockets.

Digital property displays can be an extremely powerful sales tool that not only drives footfall inside your office but reinforces your agency’s presence on the highstreet. Replacing LED light pockets with high brightness screens can set you apart from the local competition and save you invaluable time updating paper displays.

Visit for more information and contact them to learn how they can integrate with your existing property feed provider.

Written by Alistair Cousins

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