Easy ways to add value to your property

House prices appear to be remaining stagnant in the short term, which is causing for much frustration amongst property investors. This is why home improvements are now on the rise, as another means of adding value to a property. Here we cover a number of the key changes that normally always result in a rise in a property’s value.

  • Loft conversion

Converting a loft always results in adding value to a property. This can add up to 15% to the overall value. You can add an extra bedroom with a en-suite bathroom, so if the money is there then this is a no-brainer.

  • Double Glazing

Double glazing is another great means of adding value, as you are not only making the property warmer, but it improves the ability in selling it. This can also help reducing the noise for houses that are sitting near a busy and noisy road.

  • First Impression

First impressions are crucial when it comes to buying and selling property. You can add one of the hugely popular composite doors to the property, which will instantly give it that updated look. These can also be created to your liking, that covers the style and colour. The windows at the property can also be updated, which will further add to the value.

  • Energy performance

Raising the classification on the property’s energy performance is another great means of adding value. This covers fitting solar panels, as well as pipe insulation. These will both help greatly in raising the certification of the property.

  • Updating a bathroom

This is another easy means of adding overall value to a property. It can also be done at a low cost, such as updating with new taps and shower heads. This also covers the flooring and even the toilet seat. Each can help with giving the property that updated modern look, which will help with increasing the property value.

  • Parking

As more and more houses are being built, parking is becoming more important. It is a complication for many, who have to find space on a road due to not having a garage or drive available. You could simply look at removing a front garden, to build parking for the property. This will instantly add value to the property in question.

  • Extension

One of the easiest means of adding value to a property is through an extension. However, you will need to have guidance on this, to ensure you are not over-developing the property in question.

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