ELAA-UK issues new report on various Brexit scenarios and it proves to be interesting reading

No one can deny that Brexit has had an impact on the UK market but how much of an impact has it really had and how much could the different Brexit scenarios affect the UK housing market in the future?


The Estate and Letting Agents Association UK has published an in-depth report today categorising the effects so far across the UK of Brexit since the original referendum in 2016 and whilst this information is obtainable by other sources this report provides not only the facts about the housing market but also takes an in-depth look at the effects this has had on Estate and Letting agents throughout the UK and what could be in store for them in the future.


In addition to the statistics, analysis and comments on the housing market since the referendum it also provides, in great detail, the effects the various Brexit scenarios could have on the UK housing market and in particular Estate and Letting agents. The report goes onto to provide agents with extremely useful information and advice on how they can make the most of each scenario and maximise new instructions, sales and letting in each of these situations.


ELAA-UK says ‘We have published the report today as there is much speculation around what direction Boris Johnson’s new government will take. We have worked with a number of consultants to look at all the various scenarios and have provided advice for estate and letting agents on how to maximise their potential in each of them. As always we will be happy to provide all of our members with advice on an individual basis and they will have free access to some of the UK’s leading advisors including business consultants, legal advisors, marketing specialist and many more.’


The report also focuses on how agents can provide a more traditional and personal service stating that this vital for local agents. It explains how old methods combined with new technology and local knowledge provides customers with a unique service and true added value.


The reports are available to view or download at www.elaa-uk.org

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