Equiem Launches First-to-Market Leasing Dashboards to Help Landlords Monitor and Retain Tenants

Equiem’s first-to-market Leasing Dashboards further cements the tenant experience platform as the leading provider of tenant data and analytics to owners and property managers

New upgraded dashboards offer landlords direct insights into what tenants want, think and feel



Leading global property technology company Equiem is pleased to announce the completion and rollout of the market’s first Leasing Analytics Dashboards to directly inform leasing and retention strategies. The new first-to-market, data-driven dashboards further cement Equiem–the world’s most widely-used tenant experience platform–as the leading provider of tenant data and analytics to owners and property managers, providing landlords with direct insights into what their tenants want, think and feel.

Tenant retention is one of the most important challenges that landlords and leasing teams face, especially as companies worldwide rethink their office footprint as a result of COVID-19. Equiem’s new Leasing Dashboards are designed to help owners segment and profile individual tenants, understand their past behaviours, anticipate their future needs and formulate tailored engagement strategies aimed at long-term retention.

“Every time a tenant uses an Equiem product the data is anonymized, synthesized and presented to the property manager, owner and/or leasing team in detailed feeds on the new Leasing Dashboards,” said Gabrielle McMillan, CEO of Equiem. ”The data can easily be sliced to provide insights that help owners build tailored retention strategies for each individual tenant. Landlords and leasing teams armed with this level of detailed data will undoubtedly fare better during lease negotiations throughout this difficult cycle.”

With individualized tenant profiles in hand, owners are able to identify at-risk tenants for re-engagement campaigns and direct resources by pinpointing the content, products, services and events each individual company’s employees consume. The in-depth analytics and profiles, which can be segmented and viewed for a single building or an entire portfolio, allow landlords and their leasing teams to make more informed decisions on building improvements and/or broader, more personalized engagement strategies and offerings.

To better understand specific tenant demands, Equiem has also upgraded its robust Polls functionality, allowing landlords to target individual tenants with specific questions to further inform their engagement strategies. This information helps landlords better understand tenant sentiment about a variety of subjects, from COVID-related concerns to what services or retailers a tenant would like to see added to the building.

To view a short, 3-minute video about Equiem’s all-new Leasing Dashboards, please click the image below or visit: https://equiem.wistia.com/medias/47z4vikuvq

“As we enter the heart of the Fall, many employees continue to work from home, with most office space seeing well below 50 percent utilization, especially in major markets,” said Gabrielle McMillan, CEO of Equiem. “Low utilization poses major risks for landlords looking ahead to leases expiring in 2021 and 2022. It’s crucial to have a clear and focused strategy to retain these tenants.”

Equiem’s Leasing Dashboards are the newest addition to Equiem’s Core offering. In addition, Equiem offers a number of add-on services and solutions for landlords and property managers, including Smart by Equiem, which measures building occupancy at any given moment; Marketplace, which helps landlords understands what tenants are purchasing on site and via the Equiem app; and Spaces, which allows tenants to book spaces within the building. With each solution or service offered, Equiem’s dashboards generate individualized data to landlords–providing the most comprehensive data set available in the marketplace.


The firm works with leading property owners and managers in the global real estate industry to breathe life into their buildings, by transforming them from mere brick & mortar structures into vibrant, connected and engaged communities with services and experiences that enrich occupants’ lives.

Equiem’s market-leading app, used by 175,000 people and 9,000 companies worldwide, helps landlords attract and retain occupiers, deliver seamless tenant communication, supercharge onsite retail and services, and unlock additional asset value across their portfolios. With comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboards, Equiem’s app also offers the most advanced tenant analytics in the market, providing clients with rich, actionable intelligence that drives smarter, more effective tenant engagement.

Founded in 2011, Equiem has offices in Australia, the USA, the UK and The Philippines. Clients include – in Australia: Knight Frank, and Brookfield; in the USA: Unico Properties, Rising Realty and Adams & Co, in UK & Ireland: Lendlease, Spear Street Capital, and Arlington.

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