Estate Agency Industry Sentiment Survey: New and Improved – Round Two

You may remember that Josh Rayner was the first to consider the question of estate agents’ Coronavirus crisis job sentiment in his ‘State of the Industry’ poll that was widely reported upon two weeks ago.

The poll’s sensational outcome, taken several weeks into lockdown, was that 66% of agents said that they were considering a change of role as a consequence of wanting to work from home more; or because of thoughts about embarking on a self-employed route; or as they planned to leave the industry altogether.

Josh Rayner said at the time that he would take the industry’s temperature again in subsequent weeks in order to see if attitudes had changed, perhaps resulting from estate agency bosses then being inspired into further supporting action and communication with their people.

Accordingly, Rayner’s second survey, the Property Pulse Poll, can now be seen here and will run for a week from Tuesday 12th May. Agents from across the estate agency industry are invited to participate. The survey takes less than three minutes to complete.

This second iteration seeks some additional information albeit it remains anonymous.

Our original poll yielded compelling results and now we’re keen to also discover a little more context’ says Josh Rayner. ‘In this way we can start to better evaluate and share whether there is a difference in agent attitude dependent upon whether from within a corporate, at an online agent or working for an independent. Context is important in understanding where attitudes are right now and how they are changing. Pulse, as we’re terming our survey, is literally that – a finger on the pulse of the industry”.

Job seniority and region/country are also sought as important differentiators. Again, anonymous.

In the future, Rayner aims to not only carry out periodic health checks on the industry’s sentiment, but also to collaborate with thought leaders both within and outside of the industry to help find solutions to the challenges we all face ahead.  

The question:

Property Pulse Poll – Coronavirus has thrown the property industry another set of challenges, but different ones to that of 2008 and Brexit. Stuck at home unable, by law, to carry out our most basic functions. Staff are furloughed and the market is in suspended animation with significant disruption to revenues, staffing and our overall viability as a sector. How does that make you feel? Please choose the one that applies the most:

  • Nothing has changed for me
  • This crisis has made me think about job security
  • I’m out of here
  • I’m unsure and feel different

The poll’s results will be published on Wednesday 19th May. What, if any, changes does Josh expect to see? Well, he’s being understandably tight-lipped rather than second guessing the outcome.

Survey Link:

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