First time buyers buying New Builds up by 16%

A recent news report shares that first time buyers opting for new builds is up by 16% which is either due to the lack of quality property coming on to the market (let’s face it, much of the stock coming on is less than desirable landlord stock) or the help to buy schemes that new builds are coming with.

Really Moving released an interesting article that shows 17% of first time buyers have chosen to purchase a new build which was up from just 15% the year previous (includes a 13% increase in the amount of first time buyers using the Help to Buy equity loan option).

It is certainly very much a buyers market and this may continue for sometime as the government juggle the country’s long term future in or out of the EU – confidence is low and concerns re the decrease of immigration in to the country and tightening of regulations effecting landlords means that ex rental stock is coming on to the market though the choice and quality remains fairly average.

Concerns are around on the value of new builds and though they may be an easy option for first time buyers especially with such tempting offers as 5% deposit requirements, the long term effect and especially if a downturn in the market continues, financial issues may be forth coming for such home owners and even such horrors as negative equity.


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