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At Logotag® we’re always looking for like minded businesses that firmly believe in the power of Social Media.

We spoke to the Managing Director of Bullman Booth which is an estate agency within the heart of Wandsworth to explain the exciting new collaboration that we were setting up between the Wandsworth Chamber and Logotag®

The team at Bullman Booth were very receptive to our ideas and placed an order for a number of window tags to showcase their social media presence to their considerable footfall.


Install day came and so the Logotag® team headed off to Wandsworth to Philip Bullman to install the window tags. We selected an area of the agency window which wouldn’t obscure any of the existing window display but would maximise their effectiveness to passersby on both foot and motor vehicles as they stopped outside.


The results were instant with passersby noticing the tags and the team at Bullman Booth can also track their usage as the tags are configured with Google Analytics on both the scannable QR code and the Near Field Communication (NFC) tap point.

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