How to get more business from your LinkedIn account:

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Out of the many social media platforms that exist today LinkedIn may not be seen as the most social, where the exciting stuff happens, the regretful photos from the previous night out, wonderful check ins that grip you with envy or where you can spend countless hours browsing through photo albums and videos, but it is where a lot of business is born and carried out and this is what most of us are after from social media right?

Estate Agency has come alive in the last couple of years with a whole new world of #PropTech and online estate agencies hitting the industry and changing the way business is being done and paving the way for new avenues of opportunity to be explored. All this combines to more competition for many estate agencies and requires them to be now more than ever update to date with current trends and willing to embrace change from how they market property for sale to how much commission they should be charging the end consumers.

What I say about LinkedIn is that it is where the real business networking takes place, it is the advancement of the typical early morning breakfast business networking events such as BNI that I am sure most of us have experimented with once or twice in the past. LinkedIn is growing, it is updating its looks and its networking capabilities for its members and it realises that for most of its users ‘new business’ is what many use it for to include promoting their profiles and that of their business too – It is adapted to being a business networking platform where ideas are started, new connections made and business generated. You really have to be on board with LinkedIn if you are serious about business as you will lose out on local business to your rivals if you are not.

Here are some quick fire tips on using LinkedIn successfully:

  • Have a full and complete profile to include updated professional profile image of yourself and a detailed description of who you are and what you offer other people who may choose to connect with you.
  • Join Groups as there are many themed on UK property groups on LinkedIn and participate as you would if you were at that early morning business networking event.
  • Share great content and this includes you using your own blogging space that LinkedIn provides you making sure what you write is current, relevant and engaging  to entice readers and feedback.
  • Use LinkedIn’s advertising opportunities to increase the reach of your content such as using their ‘Sponsored Content‘ programme.
  • Upgrade your profile to Premium to unlock the many extra powers of LinkedIn that a standard account will not give you.
  • Make sure you create your business profile page on LinkedIn so people can read up on the business you work for / own and follow its updates.
  • Think about becoming a leader on LinkedIn by creating your own group page such as UK Property SouthWest as this will enable you to collect a group of members in a group which you run and it will elevate peoples respect of you and entice them t o connect with you. Do not forget, as you build your connection on LinkedIn you are building your database as you can export this data at anytime easily here.


Author: Andy Soloman


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