Get Inspired: Best Home Design and Decorating Apps

Technology has made it easy for humans to do most of their daily activities. One thing that everyone aspires is to glam their home.

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In this piece, you will learn about home design and decorating apps specially designed for your needs.

Color and Painting Interior Design Apps

Platform: iOS
Price: 4 USD

The Color911 mobile app will help you create and save color palettes for your next home décor project. You can access over 80 downloadable color themes generated by color specialist Amy Wax. The app also allows you to create a palette based on a picture you take on your device. It also lets you organize your preferred colors into folders and share them with your friends and designers.

Color Capture
Platform: iOS and Android
Price: Free

Have you ever spotted a color you loved while out and about? This app helps you capture a picture of that color, and it uses its technology to provide suggestions of paint options that can match your snapshot.

Styling and Arranging Home Design Apps

Platform: iOS
Price: Free

As much as it sounds straightforward, figuring out how new furniture will look in a space can be challenging. The app can convert 2-D images into 3-D renderings allowing you to envision various art configurations and furnishings in a particular space. It also has direct links to retailers once you settle on the ideal pieces.
Platform: iOS
Price: Free

Have you ever purchased a piece of art only for it not to fit on your wall? News flash, you are not alone! Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the same predicament anymore. is an augmented reality app that allows you to see how an artwork will look on your actual wall before purchasing. This ensures that you only purchase artwork that will look perfect on your wall.

Maintenance and Utility Interior Design Apps

Platform: iOS and Android
Price: Free

With this app, you will have a personalized reminder for the maintenance tasks you would easily forget, like changing your smoke detector batteries. You will also answer several questions to help the app determine which feeds you can receive. For instance, you can receive feeds on design, cleaning, organizing, DIY, and maintenance tips on the app’s feed.

Fun and Inspiring Home Design

Design Home
Platform: iOs and Android
Price: Free

If home design is your passion, this is your ideal app. With this app, you can design beautiful interiors using real furniture manufactured by top brands. You will draw a lot of inspiration from the app as you design bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces.

Final Thoughts

The apps mentioned in this article can be handy whether you are just decorating your home or doing it as a business. Please, don’t stress yourself out on matters of home design and décor; get a mobile app to make your activities more enjoyable.

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