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Graham Lock Latest News for EAN

Your 30 second elevator pitch please:

Is the current UK property industry an exciting profession to be in? It certainly is! I think we’re on the cusp of a golden generation of estate agency that will see an increased level of professionalism, service enhancements and the adoption of new technologies that will improve the entire customer experience.

The property industry seem to have come through the pandemic relatively unscathed – Why would that be?

The property market is the bedrock of the UK economy hence the reason it was allowed to stay open. Credit to the agents that adapted quickly to the new normal and were able to continue to service their customers and guide them safely through the moving process.

It’s fast and furious out there with many news streams hitting us mostly to our mobiles – Is this why you have chosen to deliver the property news in a quick fire 5 minute roundup, any more would be too long?

Absolutely. People’s mobiles are jammed with news and noise! I hope the 5 minutes is well-invested, it’s easy to consume and covers the most interesting and relevant stories from the week. People get busy and miss things so I wanted to make it easy for them!

We welcome you on board to Estate Agent Networking community – What made you want to work with us?

EAN has a great audience both in size and relevance to the property industry. My aim is to reach as many people within estate agency as possible so it’s a brilliant platform for the news roundup.


Find out more about Graham Lock here: Federation of Independent Agents

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