The Content Marketing Case for Property Development – Useful Tips

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Your property is important, but the way your prospective customers find out about it is equally essential. It is in your best interest to make sure that information related to your product/service is accessible, easy to find, detailed, and solves customers’ problems. Content marketing will help you check all the boxes.

Content marketing is the method of creating and posting content to attract your target audience.

But it is important to understand that content marketing is not just about creating some interesting article to make the reader happy and satisfied. The main thing we want is for customers to find out about your property and make them take the action you want: to order a service, purchase a product, ask for a price or engage in any other way with your property.

The major task of content marketing is to create content that your potential customer is looking for, conveniently located at places your potential customers spend their time: social networks, websites, forums, etc.), and it will encourage them to take the action you want.

Let’s review the property case on how content marketing helped promote a platform for events’ organizing and managing. We’ll look at the most beneficial steps taken that can be applied to any other property.

The first step will be to create a content plan. It is important that you as a property discuss the topics for posts, because in most cases propertyes know their customers and feel their needs. The article’s posting schedule should be marked in the calendar or you can use different services to set a timer for your posts.

The platform for events’ organizing and managing had had a blog for a long time, and they were filling it up regularly, so they managed quite well. At the same time, there were things the guys wanted professional help with:

Enriching and diversifying the articles, because they were mostly writing about new features of their own platform;

Optimizing the blog from a marketing point of view, setting up analytics, coming up with metrics to determine the effectiveness of their content direction.

The second step will be to identify unique content. In this case, the company decided to interview their customers who organized and managed events through the platform to feature their stories on their blog and social media. Real-life user stories are interesting, engaging, and received warmly outside of the blog as well.

The third step was to follow the plan. So first and foremost – write articles. To organize the process, you can use Trello, where it is easy to track the stages of article creation. When it comes to interviewing, it is important to discuss who you are going to interview, agree on a topic, create a list of questions and send them to the user, schedule an interview via Zoom or Skype. After conducting an interview, write down the answers to the questions and edit the material. Show the article to the interviewed user and make corrections if needed. Only then you are good to post it.

Keep SEO in mind. Use common tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to identify the keywords and the topics your customers are most interested in and optimize your text and website for search engines to naturally attract more customers. Some articles can be posted in the FAQ section.

Set up tag tracking.

Before Google Analytics is installed directly, you can implement Google Tag Manager for more flexible work with tags.

In order to track metrics and find correlations with your content marketing, you can setup a product analytics service. Mixpanel is one of the best ones there. They have a trial period, so you can check for yourself.

Some vital points for content marketing:

Connect push notifications as a channel for returning readers and increasing activity on the site.

Add a Facebook tracking pixel to gather audience information and target them later.

Post regularly. We can’t stress this enough. Be relevant and present on different social media. Remember about content quality.

It is commonly believed that you should post once a day on Instagram. This is the exact amount that allows you to stay visible while not annoying the users too much. Though, it’s unlikely that anyone will be upset if you don’t have great content for one day. And no one is going to get mad if you have two important content pieces planned for the day that are worth talking about.

This strategy brought 19,000 impressions, 4000 clicks, and more than 500 shares on Facebook within three months. It is only the basic steps in content marketing. If you want to find quality copywriting, consider using content creation services, similar to those where you can purchase essays, PhDs, and different articles. You can set and discuss the topics being sure that text will be grammatically correct and up to the topic.

Hope our recap of content marketing property case was useful and you’ve marked some points for your property!

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