Health and Safety Features to Consider as a Landlord

As a landlord you have many responsibilities, and most of them pertain to the health and safety of your tenants. If your property is deemed unfit to live in, not only will you receive numerous complaints from your tenants, but you can also be needlessly endangering lives and be liable for legal action if it gets bad enough. In the end, if you’re going to rent out a space, it needs to meet a certain criterion for the resident’s wellbeing.

Consequently, here are some health and safety features for you to consider as a landlord.

Gas and Electric Safety

Before anyone sets foot in your property, gas and electric safety standards must be met. You’ll need a Gas Safety Certificate to ensure everything is working properly. Additionally, you’ll need to carry out an electricity safety check to ensure that all equipment and installations are working properly. This is so that your property can be legally verified to be in working order, and it’s all mandatory.

Install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms so that tenants are immediately notified if the air is tainted. Additionally, if your property has equipment that is faulty, then the machinery should be replaced by you as soon as possible. Any neglect in this area can cause serious and even grievous harm to your tenants, who may be living unknowingly with gas leaks or equipment that is on the verge of exploding.

Window Openers

Before a tenant moves into the property, you may wish to decorate to liven up the residence. A fresh coat of paint across the walls can go a long way with tenants in terms of style and comfort. Still, if you let your tenants breathe in the fumes for too long, it can be an extremely serious hazard for them. Consequently, these are the kinds of details you need to think about; not just what the property looks like, but what hidden hazards remain.

Consequently, you can click here to acquire window openers from Rocburn Limited, as they come with remote controls and can help remove toxic fumes through manual or electrical means. This is particularly handy, as it can make use of windows in a property that are otherwise thought to be unreachable. Now, they can all be utilised. Remember, a space that ‘looks’ nice isn’t always fit to live in, as poisonous fumes can still linger unseen, so acting here is essential.

Security Cameras

Not all the risk needs to be caused by you alone. If your property is in an area that’s notorious for crime and anti-social behaviour, then your tenants can be at risk no matter how many pipes you fix or windows you install. If your tenants are going to be truly safe, then you need to consider the dangers that others can inflict on them too.

Therefore, you should consider installing CCTV around your property to ward off any criminal activity. Even if it occurs despite the installation, the perpetrators can be more easily identified and apprehended by authorities. If nothing else, CCTV can make tenants feel safer knowing that someone has they’re back the moment they reach the front door. In the ended, security features that protect tenants are never unwise.

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