Staging Your Home for Sale in Autumn/ Winter 2018

Many people believe that autumn and winter can be difficult times to lure potential buyers to homes for viewings. However, although everyone’s plans are dominated by the festive season in early December, you’ll also face less marketplace competition, which can make the selling process easier.

But, without the bright lights and warmth of summer evenings, how can you best stage your home to bring the best out of it? In this post, we take a look.

Bring the Warmth

There’s a big difference between a house and a home. When people come to visit your house for a viewing, they’ll want to imagine living there all year round. You don’t want your home to come across as cold or uninviting, so it’s best to put the fire or central heating on, even if you wouldn’t usually. This will make your home feel more inviting and relaxing.

Let in the Light

The longer nights and limited winter sun can make your home feel dark. To avoid this, ensure that your home is well lit. Throughout the day, ensure that all of your blinds and curtains are fully opened to make the most of any natural light. Even for evening viewings, you shouldn’t close them entirely. Although you may want to draw blinds and curtains slightly to create privacy.

In addition to this, you should thoroughly clean your light fixtures and bulbs to ensure you’re maximising light in the home. If you’re replacing bulbs, ensure that they’re giving off a warm light, which can be more inviting.

If you still feel your home could be a little dark, then invest in a couple of lamps.

Classy Seasonal Décor

If you’re selling your home in the approach to the festive season, then ensure your decorations add elegance, style and sophistication. You may normally light up your house like a Christmas tree, with dancing Santas, tinsel and bright decorations, but some buyers may find these off-putting.

To bring the best out of your home, make the most out of neutral décor, some twinkling lights, a simple wreath or garland and a tree. Some potpourri can also add an injection of colour, while also adding the smell of the festive season. Candles can also add to the Christmas spirit.

Although selling your home in autumn or winter may seem like a challenge, you’ll have less competition than you would in the summer months. Take the above advice on board and you’ll have no trouble selling your home before the New Year.


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