Help your clients unlock thousands before they sell!

As a commercial property owner or landlord, UK tax legislation entitles your clients to claim a specialist tax relief on the ‘embedded fixtures’ acquired with their property at the time of purchase, even if it was bought a long time ago!

If your clients do not claim before they sell the property, they could lose their chance to reclaim thousands of pounds owed to them in tax relief from HMRC.

Your clients likely qualify if:

As this is a niche area of tax legislation, this is not a service provided by a generalist accountant’s. Making a claim requires the skills of property tax experts and surveying specialists like HJR to identify and claim embedded capital allowances on business properties.

For most properties we expect to uncover between 25% and 40% of the original purchase price in previously unidentified Capital Allowances. On average, our clients receive £25,000 in tax savings and cash rebates per property!

There is no better time for your clients to claim than prior to selling…

What items are eligible for tax relief?

UK Tax Legislation determines that if a property is used for business purposes, even if the owner also resides there, capital allowances tax relief can be claimed on a proportion of the purchase price that relates to the ‘Embedded Fixtures’ that were acquired with the building. It doesn’t matter if the property was purchased a long time ago, if the original fittings have since been repaired or replaced or even if the building was not formally a used for business purposes.

Embedded fixtures typically include items such as the electrical, heating and ventilation systems, kitchens, bathrooms, carpets and even the underfloor pipework – it’s essentially anything that would not fall out if you tipped the building upside down!

Your clients can claim on items such as:

Historically, only leading UK businesses have had access to the expertise needed to unlock these hidden tax savings. This meant the majority of business owner throughout the UK were severely underserviced, until now.

For more information, please watch our short animated explainer video:

Wouldn’t my client’s accountant have already claimed this on their behalf?

As a very niche area of taxation, claiming capital allowances for embedded fixtures is specialist area that is widely overlooked or misunderstood by many professionals.

As making a claim requires the skills of both property tax and surveying experts, the majority of business advisors and generalist accountants don’t realise their clients have not claimed the maximum amount of capital allowances owed to them. This means business property owners have no idea they are missing out on thousands of pounds in tax relief.

  • HMRC estimate that 80% of business property owners have not yet made this capital allowances tax relief claim and may lose their right to claim when the property is sold!

Why help your clients unlock their tax relief entitlement?

As their selling agent, you have an obligation to your client to let them know it is their last opportunity to benefit from making this tax relief claim.

Plus, if you become an introducer for HJR, we will pay you a % of any fees we earn!

Furthermore, there is no better time to make a claim than prior to sale. Even if your client’s property doesn’t sell immediately, they can benefit now from tax savings as well as reclaim overpaid taxes in the form of a cash rebate upon sale. Plus, any unused allowances can be passed on to potential buyers – making the property sale even more attractive!

Contact HJR Tax directly to find out how you could help your clients save £££’s:

Why trust us with your clients?

HJR Tax would be delighted to partner with you and provide capital allowances advice on the sale and purchase of commercial properties to your clients. Making a claim can also act as a negotiation tool as left over allowances are passed onto the new owners! Benefits of working with us include:

We have had unprecedented success agreeing claims for other business owners. Our team work on a contingency basis and can provide a FREE property valuation and estimate of the tax refund your clients could receive. As its likely that your clients are entitled to thousands of pounds which they don’t even know about, they’ll thank you for the introduction!

HJR Tax are not accountants. We are an in-house team of property tax & surveying specialists. As experts in this area of taxation, we can eliminate the risk of inaccurate claims or litigation for missed claims. Our team do all the hard work so you can offer this additional high-value service without the need to employ your own internal specialist.

To talk to one of our Capital Allowances Specialists and find out more about partnering with us, click here:

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