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Hot SEO Trends for 2019

Online marketing intensifies as each year goes by with more innovation added and more competition to fight against. We see many people and businesses gain great success online and yet there are thousands more who are working hard at getting results with no return on the investment.

So just how busy are things online today? Here are some examples:

  • 500 million tweets per day are posted on Twitter.
  • 440 Million blogs in the world.
  • 400 hours of video content is uploaded to Youtube every minute.
  • 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day.

So as we enter 2019 what marketing tips are going to be popular in order to get you results?

Here are some hot SEO trends for 2019:

  • Content is King – Quality Content is King. More people are spending more time online and they love to search out relevant content to them such as photos, videos, promotions, articles and more. Google loves rich content so look to share what is unique over simply copying what has already been shared.
  • Link Building & Influencers. It will be important for your brand to get seen on influencer websites and influencer social media channels in order to increase web traffic and positioning on Google ranking. Investigating who / what is big in your industry sector could put you in front of some large audiences that could hold key target clients / customers. Make sure what you share contains link backs to your website.
  • Voice Search. It is said that by 2020 around 50% of internet users will be using voice search. Make sure that your website / blog is friendly to voice searches.
  • Update your content. Not only should you look to release content that is relevant to today’s world you should also go through past content to see if it can be updated with the likes of new links added and focus on past blogs that have previously ranked highly / had decent view counts.
  • Chat Windows. The ability to have live chat facility on a website is likely to increase browser engagement and increase conversion rates. Options are growing and prices lowering so it is an option for any business of any size.
  • Virtual Reality Marketing. This is becoming more popular such as in fashion where you can simply see what you would look like wearing clothing / glasses / watches etc. This can stretch to many other industries that vision is an important part of a purchasing decision so the ability to enable that person sat on the sofa with their mobile an experience of what purchasing a product could do for them will become a great way to increase sales and leads.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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