Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP & further Travel Restrictions

Julia Hartley-Brewer

MP Robert Jenrick, in charge of housing for the UK, appeared on Julia Hartley-Brewer slot on talkRADIO and was very much supporting further travel restrictions. There was some tiny mention of housing too…

Julia Hartley-Brewer, a well respected and direct presenter, threw to the point questions at Mr Jenrick with the theme mostly on the endless new variants of covid hitting the headlines and yoyoing of colour codes of countries for travel.

Robert initiated the chat to share the latest news of discounted home schemes (new builds) with at least 30% reduction for key workers and local first time buyers to help people get on to the housing ladder. “Planning system is being worked on to be reformedRobert added.

We are building more homes, but there is more to do.Robert added.


Holiday chaosJulia started the next set of questions on, “we will be seeing variant after variant after variant… we will never get out of this situation and always will be having travel restrictions… this never ends.”

We will soon have fully vaccinated the whole population, the whole adult population.. We will get to the point where the whole adult population has been offered a vaccine, let’s hope as many people as possible get both jabs. Vaccinate as many people as possible… (we will get to a point) the whole population has been offered the vaccine.Robert stated, which will cause concern to many people who are not prepared to take the test vaccination programme and many more only having had one vaccination.

Are we supposed to be grateful for basic fundamental democratic freedoms now?Julia asked.

We exercise a degree of caution…Robert replied.


Full interview on youtube here:

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