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How important is your Estate Agency Website when it comes to selling property online?

In nearly all occasions, the most important part of your business will be exposure online be it via social media, a fabulous website or even a landing page such as on Ebay or Amazon – We are all trying to push our brands online so that we can divert traffic to them and sell our products / services.

Though property is one of life’s most expensive items any of us will ever purchase, we as consumers still very much like to see before we buy and there is still very much a place for high street estate agents even though online / hybrid agencies are making a huge impact in this sector. Purchasing property is a big decision, rarely is it spontaneous and we have to book in to viewing and sometimes viewing again and again a property before we make a decision.

We are also very much internet loving societies internationally and especially in the UK, more and more of us are purchasing products online from our weekly shopping to holidays, that tempting household item on sale at Amazon to our weekend Indian takeaway – Internet, social media, easy to use Apps and websites all capture our customers as we surf the internet searching for what we are after.

Property purchases are usually initiated on the internet, that simple quick search on the likes of Rightmove / Zoopla or checking out the local estate agents online that cover the area where we are looking to buy – From there we are able to leave our details with said agents where then real life customer service comes in to play and your ideal home is hopefully, if the market holds it currently, found and you go on to buy – happy days for the seller and the estate agent!

So Estate Agent websites are important in this whole operation. Yes, many people will say that you only need to be on a major property portal to be found, but we must remember that people may jump on to say Rightmove and search, though the results will then be individual to us and if one or more listings jumps out at us then we concentrate on who is selling it/them and sometimes checking them out online in case there are other suitable property we may be interested and we sometimes also go leave our details so to go on to their database to be the first to hear if any new listings are taken on.

There are some very key factors to making sure your website will work for your business and capture leads – For Estate Agents the following can apply:

Unique Look Website

Choosing a website from a template sounds like you have no options to express your own brand, yet it can look unique. Be sure to invest in a unique look for your brand and website, templates can be repetitive and can make you look cheap. Remember that primarily your website builder is an eCommerce style platform so make sure it geared around enabling people to list their requirements and see results that they are after, speedily and easy.

Portal Ready

Use a system software that can connect to and display your properties uploaded to your feed supplier, such as Vebra, Jupix, Reapit, Dezrez, Agents Letting (or any other software that provides a feed), and display these on your new low cost estate agency website automatically, every single day, no input required from you.

Mobile friendly

Ignore your mobile audience at your own peril, With over 60% of website visitors now browsing through mobile devices, you must ensure your visitors always have a great mobile experience.

Extra Features

Think content and make sure you website offers extra such a industry news, latest trends, how to help files and more. Think about live chat so you can communicate with live web browsers, free mortgage calculators, security etc.


A lot of success behind estate agency and selling plenty of property is thanks to marketing skills – How they reach the audiences that matter to their business, ie buyers and sellers. There are many options out there to enable you to get a good presence for any selling website such as the e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems from Shopify, or templates designed specifically for estate agents such as from RDT Systems.

EAN Content

EAN Content

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