How Installing a Veranda Can Increase Your Property’s Worth

Verandas can transform an outdoor living area and turn it into something fantastic. It provides extra living space for your family and can protect you from the different weather conditions, meaning you can still spend time outdoors despite living in the UK. If you are looking to improve your outdoor space for yourself, or to increase your property’s worth, here is how a veranda can help.

Increased Roof Space

When a property is valued, the overall roof space is included within the valuation. A veranda is classed as extra roof space, as the area underneath is protected. This space is just as functional as many other rooms and offers extra room for dining, entertaining or relaxing. People can be very imaginative with what they do with their outdoor space, including creating outdoor bars or using the area as a working space to write, draw or paint.

They Look Good

A well-built veranda can look great and add extra value to your home. That is why it’s important to install a veranda that’s been made with long-lasting, quality materials, and one that goes well with the space. Many companies can create custom-made verandas for your home, meaning the size and specification will become bespoke for your garden or patio area. A great looking veranda installed on a property could add anything between 5% and 15% of the overall value.

De-Clutters the Home

An extra outdoor space can de-clutter your home and give you the opportunity to bring some possessions outdoors. If you have been struggling with a small dining area before, a veranda allows you to eat indoors or outdoors. Verandas are fantastic for those who tend to have dinner parties or often have friends over for drinks, as there are now two spaces for guests to sit and relax. Whilst some enjoy a cluttered home, this doesn’t look good when potential buyers are coming to view. For this reason, adding some décor to the veranda can de-clutter the living space indoors, making it appear larger.

Reduces Energy Costs

Depending on the position of the veranda, it can actually reduce energy costs. If the veranda is overhanging the windows that let sunlight in throughout the summer, it will block these rays from coming into the house and prevent the need for air conditioning to be used. Not only this, but it offers yet another space for homeowners to spend outdoors, in the shade if required. Spending more time outdoors in the shade may be cooler than sitting in the house and stops you from sitting by the air con. It goes without saying – the more time the family spends outdoors, the less time they spend indoors, which is yet another reason energy costs may go down. You can find plenty of solar-powered lights to brighten up your veranda at night.

People Like to Spend Time Outdoors

Simply put, people like to spend time outdoors. Look at summertime in the UK; every beer garden is brimming with people. We like to make the most of the good weather, but many people don’t have a garden or outdoor space that reflects this. Many buyers will pay more for a home that has a space in which they can spend time outdoors, especially if the area is sheltered from the weather conditions. Verandas can protect any outdoor furniture and keep the space protected from bad weather, making the space liveable 24/7.

Installing a Veranda

A great veranda can seriously transform any outdoor space and make it liveable in any weather condition. Many UK homeowners don’t spend enough time in their gardens, as the weather doesn’t permit us to do so. With the installation of a veranda, however, you can have a fully protected outdoor living area. Just make sure that the installers are fully qualified and that the veranda comes with a few years’ guarantee. For example, Nationwide verandas are made with high-quality materials and guarantee their work for 5 years. They have a whole range of options to suit any style and budget. Their verandas can also be installed with heating, lighting and sliding glass walls, making for a truly immersive outdoor space.


Whilst the veranda will add worth, it won’t do much on its own. This space is meant to be utilised, so be sure to add the right décor to make the space look its best. Outdoor furniture is a simple addition that can be spruced up with some bright and colourful blankets and outdoor pillows. Adding greenery to the space is always a good idea and makes the area feel more calming and welcoming. Try to search for good deals in flea markets or online. You can re-paint or re-work any old garden furniture to make it look brand new.

Verandas are a great addition to any property in the UK, letting homeowners make better use of their garden or patio areas. Not only will it offer protection from the weather, but it can also make for a great outdoor living area, and with the right décor, can transform your outdoor space.

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