How Much Do You Know about Storage in South London?

Are you thinking about renting storage space? Let’s be honest, and it’s not easy to find room for all the things a person owns. At some point, you’re bound to outgrow your living space. And that’s when you should start looking for all the reliable storage South London has to offer!

In itself, self-storage can extend a world of convenience to individuals. It rid the person of pesky clutter and saves them the stress of managing extra belongings.

As a resident living in the British capital, you already get to enjoy various perks and see amazing sights. The bustling cosmopolitan is a treasure trove of facilities that never fail to impress.

And self-storage is no stranger to South Londoners! The city is relatively more expensive, and with real estate prices booming in the 21st century, people often find themselves settling for quaint apartments over unaffordable homes.

In fact, it’s no surprise that even homeowners and start-up owners face storage issues now and then. So, whether you’re welcoming a new member to the family or experiencing higher demand for your products, hiring a storage company to take some of the tangible burdens off your shoulders is a great idea.

But the question remains, how much do you really know about storage South London? For starters, the city is catered by numerous storage companies. Safe Store, Big Yellow, and STORED are just three names on the extensive list.

Besides the variety of options, there’s still a lot more you need to know!

Different types of self-storage

What pops into your mind when you hear the words storage company? More importantly, who do you think avails self-storage in the first place?

Most people think that storage South London services are only reserved for homeowners with no place to put their belongings, and that’s not true at all! While homeowners do form a massive chunk of the client pool, there’s much more to it.


Various storage companies in South London aggressively market to students for a good reason. Unlike typical homeowners, students are forced to make do with cramped college housing, tiny dorms, and cluttered apartments. At the same time, most cannot afford to rent or buy a bigger space of their own.

Living extravagantly is a wistful pipe dream with a devastating percentage of students drowning in debt today than ever before. However, nobody likes to throw away their stuff or nag friends to keep it either, thus, leaving self-storage as the only viable option.

If you’re an international student, you already know that the dilemma is more complicated. During the holiday season, when you decide to travel with your friends or go back home, you also have to figure out where to leave your stuff.

Paying for an empty dorm simply to ensure the safety of your valuables is not financially feasible, nor is taking everything along only to bring it back the next semester. This has led to a gradual surge in international students availing extra storage space.


Running a business is a daunting challenge in itself! You must respond to customers on time, put in long hours to create the perfect product, and mitigate risks along the way. However, the most pressing concern for most small business owners is making sure that their inventory isn’t damaged.

Rising costs, inflation, and lack of capital make renting a warehouse impossible. But do you really even need one when you’re just starting? Entrepreneurs who work from home tend to use extra rooms, backyards and sheds to safe keep inventory in the initial stages.

As the business flourishes and production increases, you must resort to other options, leaving you with a choice between traditional warehouses and nifty storage units. Needless to say, the latter almost always takes the cake due to its relative affordability!

What else do you need to know about self storage South London?

1. You can choose from plenty of sizes

One of the best things about renting storage South London is that you can select a reasonably sized unit according to your specific needs. So, whether you need extra storage for a few cardboard boxes filled with hand-me-downs or a large one to keep your old furniture, the sky is the limit.

Popular storage company STORED offers packages that start from 25sqft perfect for a small bulk of items. As the sizes increase, the prices follow. Such that the smaller your unit, the more affordable it is!

2. Customers can bag easy discounts

The best storage plans for South Londoners won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Regardless, who doesn’t like to maximize savings? When it comes to the different options for storage South London, you can easily get compelling discounts.

Promotional offers for students as well as discounted long-term renting always take a few dollars off the final price. To top it off, some companies might even host seasonal discounts which is why your chances of paying an affordable amount are incredibly high.

3. The location may not always be near you, but it doesn’t matter

Location shouldn’t be the only factor determining your decision. Why? Because some storage facilities, worthy ones at that, won’t even be near your home, and thus, mere geography shouldn’t deprive you of a great option.

However, this only holds when the storage company provides transportation instead of hassling you with it!

4. Add-ons are always welcome

Are you the kind of customer who chases value? Well then, rest easy knowing that storage companies have your back. On top of the basic service, many popular storage providers offer packing supplies, additional assistance, and more.

Even if you have to pay extra to avail of the add-on, it’s worth it. From moving home to relocating an office, the more a storage company does for you, the easier things will be.

5. Liability insurance is subject to terms and conditions

If a storage company offers liability coverage for your goods, it must be great, right? Not necessarily. While it sounds good in theory, it’s riddled with conditions that tone down its appeal.

In case your items are damaged by movers or within the facility, you will only be recompensated for a set amount, which is typically up to £500. So, no matter the scope of damages sustained, reimbursement will never be provided beyond the specified amount.

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