How To Arrange A House Clearance

Clearing a house can be a difficult thing to do. It often needs to be done after someone has died, or if you’ve bought a property that has been abandoned or left with all of its contents.

So what exactly should you do when clearing a house?

Store it

Sometimes you need to move quickly and might not have time to sort everything out first. In this case, you can rent a self storage unit and have all of the items moved there until you’re free to decide what to do with them. You can get units that range in size from a small cupboard to a large garage (and even bigger). Self-storage facilities are secure and if there are items of value, then you can ask about specialist units that are moisture and temperature controlled to ensure that no damage is sustained while they are in storage.

Use a specialist house clearing company

If you don’t want to clear everything yourself, or perhaps are too upset after a bereavement, then you can call in a specialist house clearing company. Depending on the state of the items, there are a few ways you can do this. First, you can remove any items you need to and then let the clearing company do the rest. They will assess the work and if there are items etc that can be sold, they will offer you a set amount of money. In some cases, no money will change hands but the clearing company will remove everything and try to sell what they can and recycle or throw away the rest.

This option is good if you want things done quickly and with little involvement from yourself. Ask for recommendations on good companies or check your local listings.

Do it yourself

You can choose to clear the house yourself. This will involve going through all of the items in the house yourself. It can be time-consuming, but it will give you a chance to be thorough. If you are clearing the house of a loved one then you may want to do this to ensure that any personal items are kept.

From there, you can arrange items into different groups to be sold, donated, recycled or disposed of. Some charities now have their own vans that can pick up partial house clearance items of pieces of furniture, so they don’t have to go to waste.

Alternatively, the council can remove large items or rubbish for a fee. Check with your local council to find out what they charge for particular items.

Final thoughts

Clearing a house can be a lot of work, and is often very emotional if you are doing it after the death of a loved one. However there are a few options depending on the speed you need the house cleared, and the amount of involvement you want to have in doing it.

Don’t rush into it too quickly and choose which option is the right one for you and your particular circumstances.

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